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home-water-damage-restorationDo you have a water damage emergency? Even if you don’t think you’ve got an emergency on your hands, any amount of moisture infiltrating your home is just that. At a minimum, you should always call a certified water damage company to assess the situation. We offer complete water damage restoration services and would be happy to help you get your property dry and restored after flooding. Whether it’s from a leaky pipe in the wall or heavy rains, any water in your property will only get worse if not dealt with immediately!


What do you get from our Spartanburg water damage service?


As a person in need of emergency water restoration services, you have plenty of options. We believe we are your best option and we’d like to tell you some things we think separate us from our competition. If you have any questions about how our service works, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call!


An emergency response day or night.


24-7Whatever company you choose, make sure you choose one that can respond to your emergency immediately. If they can’t, it tells you a lot about their abilities as a water damage company in Spartanburg. First, if they can’t answer the phone, they shouldn’t even be in the business. Second, if they can’t respond immediately then they are doing a disservice to their customers. We always respond immediately to your call & can be there within 60 minutes!

black-mold-water-damageWhy is a fast response of so much importance?

Black mold. It only needs a short window after water damage has occurred to begin destroying your house (and compromising your health). Because our climate can be so muggy, it’s not unusual to see mold damage within 24 hours after flooding. And if you wait 48 hours you’re pretty much assured you’ll have black mold. Our technicians see firsthand the impact mold can have on families and we do everything within our power to make sure our customers never have to deal with it.


A free quote driven by your insurer’s rates.


Free water damage restoration estimateOne of the best aspects customers like about our emergency water damage service is the fact that we offer a free estimate and that the cost is purely driven by your insurer, not us. What do we mean by that? It means we use the same system an adjuster will use to estimate the cost of repairing the damages, such that when you get a quote from us what you are getting is the rate your insurer will reimburse for your loss. And that’s true whether or not you actually file a claim!

Because the pricing system is so different than what most people are used to, we made a quick video that explains how Spartanburg water damage services like ours estimate your loss. Please take a minute to watch it and educate yourself on how it works!


Water damage service performed by certified technicians.


Certified flood restoration servicesUnlike plumbers and electricians, the emergency restoration space doesn’t require any licensing by the state. So how can you be sure the contractor you are hiring is qualified to do the work? The best way is to make sure that they are certified water damage specialists by the IICRC. This is the main certifying entity within our space and if you hire a water damage contractor that doesn’t employ certified technicians, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting sub-par water mitigation services.


Our customer’s satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeWhen you need a company you can trust, someone who is going to be there through thick and thin and stand behind their work, you need RestorationEze. Our goal is nothing short of perfection. And when it comes to home water damage, perfection is required to make sure the home is safe once we’ve left. So when you choose us, you get the assurances you deserve. Namely, that you’ll be completely satisfied with our work. How is that for standing behind our services?


Insurance help and direct to insurance billing.


Insurance claim for flooding damageTrust us when we say this: if you’re planning on filing an insurance claim, you need help. We don’t mean to speak poorly of insurers, but the reality of an adjuster’s job means they are under immense pressure to lessen claim amounts. So how do you make sure that your insurer steps up to the plate when you file a water damage claim? You hire someone like us, an independent water damage company that has many years of experience working with insurers and our customers to ensure the best outcome possible for all groups.

If you trust your insurer to take care of you, plan on be disappointed. If you hire the water mitigation company they try and refer you to, it will be more of the same. Insurers will try and establish relationships with certain vendors and will send business to them if they promise to greatly reduce their prices. Are you sure you want to hire a company that has ‘earned’ your business by being the cheapest contractor in town? If you’ve ever made that mistake before with other service companies, you know the answer to that.


Watch our water damage in Spartanburg pros at work!


You’re probably like most of our clients in that you’ve never need an emergency water restoration company before. You’re probably also like our other clients in that you really aren’t sure what we do. That’s ok! We’re here to not only help you, but to educate you about our work. We’ve learned over the years that the more we can educate our clients, the better the outcomes are for everybody, including us! So please take a second to watch this instructional video that explains from a top-level what we do and how we do it!



No matter what time day or night, our Spartanburg restoration company is here to help when disaster strikes. We offer certified water, fire and flood damage restoration services throughout the Spartanburg area and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for any work you need done. Call us today if you live in Spartanburg and need help now!

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