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flood-damage-companyIf you live anywhere in or around Memphis and have a water, flood or fire emergency and aren’t sure where to turn, please call us now! We specialize in rapid restoration services and have everything necessary to quickly respond to your call.  Whether it’s a flooded bathroom from a toilet leak or you have water coming down your ceiling from a roof leak, our Memphis restoration company has seen it all!  So call us now for a free water restoration quote and an immediate response!


Want a free quote?  Just give us a call!


photo_free_estimatesWhen it comes to pricing, you should always demand a quote upfront before any work begins.  We use the same equipment to determine the cost of our emergency restoration services in Memphis as your insurance adjuster does.  That means you know the upfront price is fair and also it won’t vary much by other companies.

Call now for a free restoration estimate!

If you would like, watch the video below and learn how we estimate water damage using the insurance-approved system called Xactimate. We make sure our customers always receive a free onsite assessment and that the cost estimate is always fair!


Don’t wait for help when it comes to a water loss!


24-7-emergency-serviceThere’s so many things that can get worse if you wait to mitigate the loss.  Don’t try cleaning it up yourself, or moving stuff around.  Just call for help!  If we can get there quick enough we can save your property before real flood damage occurs or mold grows.  So call anytime day or night for immediate service!

We always get there within 60 minutes!


Is insurance footing the bill?  We can help!


bill-directWe complete insurance restoration work all of the time, so whether it’s a sewage cleanup job or any other type of loss that is covered by your homeowners policy, we can help!  We’re an approved restoration service provider for major carriers and can send the bill for our services directly to them instead of you paying!

Don’t wait for reimbursement – let us bill insurance!


We’re a certified water mitigation company!


CertificateIconBeing certified as a water removal company isn’t about having a fancy logo or badge on the trucks.  It’s truly a testament to our desire to provide the best water cleanup & repair service available.  All technicians are fully insured & certified, so that you know that you’re safe and the work will be completed correctly.

Let our experts handle your restoration emergency!


We also cleanup sewage back-ups!


cautionThe worst water loss, especially as it pertains to the health of those in the home, is a sewage back-up.  As a black water classified loss, it presents a very real danger to you if you’re exposed to the pathogens in the waste water.  It’s why you should always call a sewage cleanup company to handle the mess!

We know what to do when it comes to sewage removal!

If you have a sewer backup that has sent toxic waste into your property, we sincerely hope you won’t consider the cleanup process yourself.  If you are, we hope you’ll watch the video below:


You need an independent water damage company…here’s why!


Many times insurance companies will refer you to their service provider. We always like to remind customers why they are referring them to that company. While we wish we could say it was because they were the best water damage restoration provider in town, the reality is because they’ve agreed to charge a fraction of the cost of what any other provider would (remember, the pricing is all standardized!).

contractor-customerHave you ever hired a home improvement service that was a fraction of the cost of their competitors? If the answer is yes we’ll go out on a limb and assume you regretted that decision. When your insurer is paying for the loss, they aren’t very concerned with the quality of the service provided, after all they don’t have to live in the home at any point. They’re simply concerned with making sure their company is profitable and that means paying out as little as possible for Memphis water damage cleanup services.

So instead of just blindly going with the company referred to you by your insurer, we believe you should hire a company that does not have an existing business relationship with your adjuster and therefore is free to provide water mitigation services the right way at a fair cost.


The 5 steps of water damage repair service!


When you’re looking at your home after flood damage, it’s difficult to even imagine the property looking like it did before the loss. Sometimes people lose faith and get discouraged that their home will never be the same. Please remember, while you’re dealing with this (hopefully) for the first time, we cleanup water damage on a daily basis and have never come across a property we weren’t able to fully mitigate.

Watch the video below to learn how our Memphis water damage service works:


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