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flood-damage-companyWe provide comprehensive water mitigation & reconstruction services throughout Travis & Williamson Counties for both residential and commercial properties. From flood damage due to heavy rains to sewer back-ups, we have everything necessary to fully and correctly mitigate your water loss and help get your life back to normal. We always respond quickly to your call to provide you with a free, onsite estimate. So just give us a shout!


24/7/365 immediate response guarantee!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhen you call us you’ll never have to wait around for long.  We have crews on standby throughout the Austin metro area so that we can provide a fast response when your emergency call comes in…we know how important it is to respond quickly and it’s why we guarantee a 60 minute or less response!

Call now and we’ll be onsite within 1 hour!


Free estimates & affordable pricing!


photo_free_estimatesWe provide you with a free consultation & estimate for any of emergency restoration services.  We’ll send out a project manager to walk the property, examine the extent of water damage, and provide a line item estimate detailing everything we’ll need to do as well as a cost estimate for that work…all for free!

Just give us a call for affordable cleanup services!


We’re certified to perform the work!


CertificateIconWhile you might think that all restoration companies in Austin are certified, that’s not the case.  In fact, many don’t perform emergency services as part of their business, but will take jobs as they come in.  But not us…our entire business is providing water & flood cleanup services & we’re fully certified to do the work.

We make sure the service is performed correctly!


We utilize mold prevention techniques!


cautionPreventing mold is only truly possible by removing the conditions that allow for its growth.  That means getting the moisture out quickly.  But in order to give our equipment and team more time to remove those conditions, we spray down effected areas with a mildicide that inhibits black mold growth.

Call us before you end up with black mold!


Ask about our insurance billing program!


checklistOur goal is to make the process of cleaning flood damage as painless as possible.  And part of that process usually entails dealing with the insurance company.  So to help, we make it simple by handling every aspect of your claim.  We can work with your adjuster and we can even send the bill to them directly!

Don’t call your adjuster until you’ve called us!


Best warranties & guarantees in the industry!


1-yr-warrantyNot only do we provide great water cleanup service that is guaranteed to satisfy our customers, but we go a step further when it comes to providing peace of mind.  Unlike most water restoration companies that are gone once they’ve collected their check, we stand by our work.  Each job is backed with a 1 year full warranty on service!

We make sure it’s done right each and every time!


Our Austin restoration professionals are available when you’re dealing with any crisis. Whether you need Austin emergency water extraction services or any other flood damage restoration service, call our Austin restoration crews 24/7 to get immediate help!


Here’s how you know our estimate is always fair!


Unlike some Austin restoration contractors, we make the price estimate process straightforward and transparent.  How?  It’s simple, we use the same estimating software as your insurance adjuster.  It’s called Xactimate, and it makes getting the right price guaranteed…watch this quick video to learn more about how we standardize the cost estimates for flooding restoration services…


Don’t I need to call my insurance company first?


No, absolutely not.  In fact, calling your insurer delays the process of getting your wet and/or damaged property fixed and safe again.  That’s the most important thing that needs to happen, and it’s ultimately something that can only be accomplished by calling a certified emergency restoration company in Austin!  While you might be filing a claim, that doesn’t have to happen in order for the work to begin, and so call us first and let us help you through the claims process with our start to finish claims assistance!


What does our insurance assistance look like?


When faced with a water damage emergency and realizing that a third party will be involved in the process (your insurance company) many people get confused about how the process works and what needs to happen, who does what, etc.  Many times, people wait days to get their property damage mitigated and it only ends up costing the homeowner and insurance company more.  So here’s a brief outline of what you can expect and generally how the process works.


We catalogue the damage and outline the steps necessary to fix it


What we call the estimating process is really just the step in which we physically survey the damage and provide our best educated guess as to each step, piece of equipment, and time to dry that will be required to get your home or office back on it’s feet.  So instead of us throwing out a price we deem fair, we just catalogue the services and materials necessary to get your property fixed and then plug those figures into Xactimate.


You file a claim with your insurer & receive a claim number


Is your loss covered?  We can help you get a better sense for that, and assuming it is and you wish to file a claim, you can do so now.  Once you have a claim, you will be assigned an adjuster who will work with us on behalf of the insurer to also assess the loss and make sure that the work done is necessary and appropriately priced.

We work hand in hand with your adjuster to make sure we’re cataloguing all of our work and providing him or her with everything they need to document the loss.  We take photos throughout the process, inventory all equipment, and take moisture readings throughout the process to ensure the insurer doesn’t take issue with anything we’ve done.


When do you pay your deductible?


Deductibles can range depending on your homeowners’ insurance plan.  Some are $1,000, some $2,000, some are a percentage of the home’s value.  In any event, the deductible is paid during the build back or reconstruction phase of the project.  In other words, it’s best to look at your water loss as consisting of 2 phases, the water mitigation/drying process & the reconstruction process.  Your insurer pays for the costs of the mitigation work and should any reconstruction be required, it’s during that process that your deductible comes into play.


What does professional water damage mitigation entail?


While each project is unique, there are certain things you can anticipate should you find yourself in need of professional water damage cleanup services.  We’ve created a two minute video to help you better understand what the process looks like and what you can expect should you choose us…


Do you need to know if your property sits in an area prone to flooding?

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Do you have a flooded septic system?

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What do I do if my property has sustained storm damage?

IICRC recommendations to consumers with storm damage

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