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If you live in Birmingham and have experienced a disaster, we’re here to help.  Whether it’s a sewage back-up that needs to be cleaned out, or you have experienced flooding due to heavy rains, we have crews available that can help get your home or office completely restored fast.  We always offer free estimates for potential clients and stand behind the work performed and guarantee your complete satisfaction!


Emergency Birmingham water damage & flood cleanup services!


Have you experienced a water loss in your property?  If so, you need emergency service from a certified water restoration company.  We offer 24/7 service designed to provide immediate assistance for any emergency situation.

Call now for  60 minute or less response time – guaranteed!


We always give you a free cost estimate at no obligation!


How confident are we that our prices for Birmingham water cleanup and flood repair service are affordable and fair?  We’re so confident we offer you a free cost estimate that allows our technician the chance to assess the damage & layout our mitigation plan!

So call us now for a free in-home estimate!


We make sure you’re satisfied with the service you receive!


Many people ask us how long until the job is done?  While drying times vary depending on the extent of flooding and the affected area, the ultimate answer is we’re not done until you’re completely satisfied with our flood cleaning services!

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


Don’t pay out of pocket – we bill insurance!


Do you need a Birmingham sewage backup removal company that can work with your insurance company throughout your loss?  If it’s a sewage back-up, or any other water loss covered under your plan, we can simply bill them directly for our work!

Call now for insurance-direct billing!


We employ patented equipment & certified specialists!


When dealing with a flood loss, it’s important that you always choose a Birmingham restoration company that is certified.  That means the company understands how to use all of their equipment & is trained in proper flood restoration techniques!

Choose our certified water damage restoration company today!


When you need an honest price, please call us!


The cost of water damage restoration services are derived completely differently than any other home service you might need.  The reason is because your insurance company is usually paying for those costs, so as an industry we needed a way to come to consensus on what insurers would pay.  So in essence, we don’t actually get to decide what to charge for any water damage cleanup work we do, but rather your insurer does.

When we perform our services, we use a system called Xactimate to log every single thing we’ve done, and it calculates what we can charge to your insurance company based on the rates they will pay.  So when we use Xactimate to provide you with a free estimate for water mitigation services, you can trust it.

Watch this video to learn more:


When you need it done right, please call us!


You might be surprised, but some of the most well-known restoration franchises can be the worst providers out there. For many, their turnover rate is astronomical and their relationships with insurance companies become a conflict of interest that result in bad water damage services for customers. In fact, we get calls quite often where we are asked to come in and clean up the mess created by one of the big guys. Unlike them, we understand that you are the customer, and that not following the proper water mitigation procedures can put you in harm’s way. To see what level of service you can expect when you call us, please watch the video below:


Why you should always call a Birmingham water damage company…


Something that happens quite often is people underestimate water damage and assume they have the ability to cleanup the mess and get their property dry.  It is a huge mistake we see happen all the time and it costs the homeowner in the end.  Here are just some of the reasons you should always call us or another certified water damage contractor if you’ve suffered a flood or sewage backup.


We have equipment that finds ALL moisture.


Some people will discover that their carpets are wet and simply try drying them out. What they don’t realize is the moisture has already trapped itself inside their sub-floor and in a lot of cases has traveled up their walls. So they successfully dry out the carpets only to discover weeks later that they have black mold.  The problem is they never knew that moisture had traveled to other parts of their home so they never stood a chance of properly drying out their structure.

One of the key tasks a Birmingham water restoration company performs is actually ID’ing all of the trouble spots where moisture lies hiding just waiting for enough time to cause havoc to your home and your health.  Take a look at the picture below.  Would you have known your wall was wet?



We make sure you don’t get black mold.


Repeat after us: you never want to end up with black mold.  There are a couple of main reasons:

1. It can make you very sick.

2. It is extremely expensive to remediate and your insurance company likely won’t cover it.

mold-free-guaranteeDespite these things, everyday people choose not to hire a professional water damage repair service only to find out their water problem became a mold problem.  From the minute we get onsite we realize we’re on the clock to dry out the structure so you don’t get mold.

We use state of the art drying equipment and employ anti-microbial sprays during the water mitigation process in order to stop mold before it starts and guarantee a mold-safe environment once we are done!


We act as your advocate when dealing with the insurance company.


Another huge reason you should hire your own independent water damage cleanup company (when we say independent we simply mean a company other than the one your insurance adjuster refers you to) is that you need an expert in your corner making sure not only that the work is done correctly but that the insurance company fully compensates the provider for that work.

Some insurers are worse than others, but all are focused on their bottomline, and want to pay out as little as possible on your water claim.  So any pushback needs to be addressed by a professional water damage restoration technician that can clearly explain why the work is necessary and the accepted cost of said work.


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Birmingham AL area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!


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