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flood-damage-companyWe provide affordable water damage restoration services designed to quickly mitigate your loss and allow you to get back to normal. Our belief is that when you call us, you’re calling with an emergency and you need help that you can depend upon. It’s why we can handle every aspect of the flood repair process and always offer a fair price for any work that might need to be performed.


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Free_EstimatesWe always offer free estimates for any mitigation and water damage restoration services you may need.  Whether it’s 2 in the morning or New Years Eve, we’re always on call and standing by to provide immediate assistance.  Just give us a call and we’ll send out our restoration project manager to provide a free estimate!

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You should never have to worry about paying too much for water restoration services in Topeka, but if you choose a shady contractor, that’s exactly what can happen. You’ll be in for a real shock when they do their work, present the bill, you turn around to give it to your insurer and they deny a portion of the claim. With RestorationEze, that never happens because we actually price all of our work using the same estimating software that adjusters use. Watch our video explaining the estimating process when it comes to water damage cleanup services:


Here’s what to expect from our flood restoration services…


Flood damage in Topeka is rare.  In fact, it happens once every eleven years to homeowners.  So if you’ve suffered a flooding loss, it’s probably your first time dealing with it and you probably have a lot of questions and misconceptions about how the process works.  So here’s an outline for what you can expect:


Flood Damage Moisture TestMoisture Readings

Most people think that our job is to come in and perform the water cleanup process by sucking up the standing water.  And certainly that’s part of it, and something we’ll do.  But before that, we need to know where the hidden moisture is.  You probably didn’t realize the biggest issue isn’t getting out standing water, it’s finding the rest of the moisture!


water-removal-extractionWater Removal

Next we get out any standing water from your basement flooding or anywhere else in the property it may be found.  Our powerful water extraction equipment can get out moisture from wet carpets, off hardwood floors, and any other surface type.  Usually within 1-2 hours of being there, we can have most of the moisture gone and the water loss completely contained.


applyingantimicroMold Prevention

Mold prevention should be a technique used anytime a property has sustained water damage.  Essentially what happens is after we’ve got any standing water removed, we spray a fungicide on all of the wet areas that temporarily stops mold from growing.  We then extract that moisture and it gives a window of time in which to truly mitigate the loss and prevent mold from growing.


Air-movers-drying-water-damagedEvaporative Dry-out

The final step in the water mitigation process is to make sure the remaining moisture is released from your property and extracted.  To do this, we use various systems that pass dry, hot air in and around the wet area.  This causes the water to evaporate, at which point we trap in with dehumidifiers and expel from your property.


toxic-moldIf any of the steps above aren’t done correctly, you will end up with a much bigger mess on your hands than the original home water damage: black mold. It’s our biggest enemy, and it’s a serious threat for any property that has too much moisture in it. That’s because it already exists in a healthy home, granted at very low levels. But moisture gives it the window and environment it needs to spread aggressively. It’s not unusual for us to get called out to homes where a supposedly experienced Topeka water damage company mitigated the loss, but weeks later the homeowner sees black mold.


Topeka water damage services done the right way!


iicrc-logoWe don’t cut corners or find ways to reduce our costs during a job. We understand that in order for your home to be safe and healthy for a long time to come, our work must be done right. What’s the right way? It’s the protocols and procedures that are documented in the IICRC’s S500 water damage restoration manual. For us, that is the only thing that matters, and because all of our technicians are IICRC-certified, we follow that manual to a T. If you hire someone else, there’s a chance they’ve never even seen the S500, much less follow it daily in their work.

Watch this video to see what our customers can expect should they hire us to repair water damage on their property!


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satisfaction-guaranteeOne of the more disconcerting aspects of requiring water damage repair services is the reality that you have to make a decision on which company to use quickly.  So to try and help you with that worry, we make a profound promise to you: we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the work we perform.

Call now and get a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


contractor-customerIf you live in Topeka and have experienced a disaster, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a sewage back-up that needs to be cleaned out, or you have a flooded basement, we have crews available that can help get your Topeka home or office completely restored. Choosing a water damage service is a huge decision. Make the right one! Call us now and let’s discuss your loss, answer any questions that you have, and make sure you get the help you need. We’ve been helping people in your shoes for years, and can handle whatever your home or business may throw at us. We have some of the fastest drying times in the industry, and our technicians are equipped with the best drying equipment in the industry, ensuring our customers always get the best service possible.

Don’t delay – please give RestorationEze a call and let us show you what has made us the trusted source for Topeka water damage cleaning services for so many years!

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