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home-water-damage-restorationNo matter how much water damage your property has sustained, excess moisture represents a big threat to your safety. Not only are there immediate concerns of a weakened structure that could collapse, within a couple of days a very serious threat will emerge: black mold. Given the urgency of the situation, we offer emergency water damage cleanup services with a guaranteed 60 minute response time. When seconds matter, you need a water restoration company in Hagerstown that you can depend on…so give us a call now for immediate help!


24/7/365 Emergency Water Damage Services


emergency-water-damage-repair-servicesWhether you know it or not, you need an emergency response. Those homeowners that don’t realize the urgency of their situation usually end up with a lot more problems than they started with. We always emphasize to potential customers that they need to act quickly and so do we. So we promise that when you call us, we will immediately dispatch a crew to your property to begin the water mitigation process! Call now and we’ll be at your home or business within 1 hour of dispatching our crew!


Why does speed matter when it comes to water damage in Hagerstown?


black-mold-cabinetsOne of the aspects of drying out a home that surprise most people is it usually takes longer to do so than it takes for already present black mold spores to multiply and begin damaging your property. In other words, even if we get to the property immediately we’re already fighting an uphill battle to get the water out and the home dry before mold damage occurs. That’s why you simply can’t delay. Any delay on your part, or our part, could mean a sick home that can put your health in jeopardy.


Call anytime and we’ll provide a free onsite water damage estimate!


Free water damage restoration estimateOur initial step upon arriving at your property is to assess the situation. That means finding all of the water wherever it has travelled. This isn’t as simple as eyeing the property or feeling around for moisture. It requires us to use advanced moisture detection systems on a variety of different surfaces. Only then, once we know the amount of water damage has occurred and where, can we provide you with a free cost estimate for what it will take for our crew to remedy the situation!


How is the price determined? 

XactimateMuch differently than you probably imagine. For starters, all prices are determined by insurance companies, not by water damage companies. So whether you call us or another company, you’re going to get the same price estimate. Why? Because everybody uses the same system to estimate losses. Whether it’s your adjuster, us, or another water mitigation contractor, the system that will be used is called Xactimate. We made a video below to show how it works:


How do we perform Hagerstown water damage services?


One thing that we try to stress with potential customers is the difference in results you can expect if you hire professionals versus trying to go the DIY route. We stress this difference because too many people in your shoes decide they can tackle the job. They are almost always wrong. The process of repairing water damage is complex, and the environment can change day to day which impacts the proper techniques we should employ. Without studying the science behind water damage, and without mastering the range of equipment necessary to complete the job, you’ll be shooting baskets in the dark.

We made a video to explain how the process typically works, but it’s important to understand that every single project is unique and will require a unique approach!


Our promises to our water damage customers:


We understand that when it comes to finding emergency water damage services, there is no shortage of companies that are fighting for your business. We hope that we can be your trusted source for reliable help when you need it most!


We will only employ reputable, trustworthy technicians.

checklistAs a water restoration company, our primary responsibility is making sure you are safe. After all, when home water damage occurs, the situation is not safe and our services return the property to a safe condition. But it would be impossible for us to provide those protections if we can’t provide for your basic safety by hiring trustworthy people. Unlike many Hagerstown water damage companies, we background screen every candidate for employment. And when hired, they must pass random drug/alcohol testing!


Every technician will carry IICRC certification & insurance.

Certified flood restoration servicesYou simply can not perform reliable water damage services without being properly certified. In our industry, there is no licensing required by the state, so the only way to know if a technician actually knows what they are doing is to make sure they are certified by the IICRC. All of our technicians are fully certified and also carry insurance to protect you in the case of an accident! There are dozens of restoration companies that don’t require their techs to be certified or make sure they have insurance. That should be a big red flag to you!


All water damage cleanup services are guaranteed.

satisfaction-guaranteeWhen we show up and you give us the opportunity to help you recover from a water loss, it’s a chance for us to make a positive impact on your life. That might sound cheesy, but we relish the opportunity to take a bad situation and bring about a good outcome. So much so that it’s something we guarantee. All of our Hagerstown water damage restoration services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Whether it is a residential or commercial disaster, our Hagerstown restoration company is designed to quickly and effectively restore your damaged property. We offer complete Hagerstown restoration services for water, flood or fire damage issues and would be happy to come to your Hagerstown property to offer a free estimate. We stand behind all of our Hagerstown restoration work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and are fully licensed and insured to perform any work necessary!

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