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If you are dealing with a water loss, whether it’s a flooded basement or water damage from an overflowing toilet or sink, we can help!  With over 20 years of experience handling every type of flood event imaginable, our Raleigh water restoration company is available when you need us to get your property fully restored.  We always back our services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee & 1 year warranty, and would be happy to provide you an upfront, free, no obligation cost estimate!


With a 24/7 immediate response, we get there fast!


Any delay in water damage repairs can end up putting you at risk and costing you more time and money to get the problem resolved.  That’s why we stress the important of acting quickly and why we always respond immediately to your phone call.  Call us now and we’ll be there within 20-60 minutes!

Emergency restoration services when you need them!


Call us now for a free quote!


Any time your home or business has flooding damage, the first step is to get a technician out to the property so that he can visually inspect the damage as well as do readings to determine the extent of moisture.  Once complete, he can detail the appropriate mitigation plan and offer you an upfront price estimate!

So call us & we’ll give you a free restoration estimate!


We certify & screen every water tech!


We’re serious about hiring great people that provide great Raleigh NC restoration service.  And to make sure we deliver, all technicians undergo a very thorough background screening process & of course are trained and properly certified to perform the job required of them.  We hire the best & train the most!

Qualified technicians and certified service!


When it comes to great service, we’ve got your back!


Water restoration service can be a complex process and if not done correctly, can result in secondary damage or even black mold.  We’re often called to jobs to cleanup the mess another restoration company has made!  But call us first and you’ll get service that is guaranteed to be done right!

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!


We also repair sewage damage!


In addition to providing restoration and repair services for flood situations, we also cleanup sewage back-ups caused by overflow, collapsed pipes, or clog systems.  No matter the reason, and no matter how much damage has been caused, we have the experience and cleaning systems to completely clean your property!

Don’t cleanup sewage yourself – call us!


Want help with your homeowners insurance claim?


Is your water loss covered?  All policies are different, so it’s important that you read yours carefully to know what’s covered.  But if your water loss is covered, our team can help.  We work with insurance adjusters and can provide them with the information they’ll need to settle your claim and ensure prompt reimbursement.

Or, we can just bill them for our restoration work directly!


Learn more about water damage restoration before you call….


We realize we need to arm you with the information you need to make sure right decisions quickly.  So here’s some things we thing you should know at this stage.  Of course, there’s a hundred other things you’ll need to know, but these Q and A’s should at least get you started!


How does the onsite assessment work?


When you call any water damage company in Raleigh, the first thing they’re going to need to do is assess the loss.  This simply means determine how much flooding damage has occurred and laying out the necessary steps to get it fixed.  Along with that you’ll receive our good faith estimate for the work required.

The process is pretty straightforward, and in the video below we explain what our technician will do as well as explain how the Xactimate estimating software ensures you get a reasonable cost estimate:


When does my adjuster get involved?


Adjusters are typically involved as soon as possible, usually within 1 day of the work beginning.  Once we’ve been able to begin the water damage cleanup process, we can then work with you so that you can get a claim and the adjuster can be sent out to assess the loss.  It’s always best to have us or another water mitigation company on site while the adjuster surveys the property as you want an expert that is on your side there to discuss the details of the project and advocate on your behalf.

When it comes to your adjuster, it’s important to realize that their goal is to minimize the financial exposure to their company.  As much as they can make that possible, they will.  It’s why you need a certified water restoration service to work for you, not them, to make sure that the loss is handled correctly and that no corners are cut!


How long will the process take?


water-damage-cleanup-repairOn average water damage cleanup jobs take around 3 days to dry out the property. Sometimes it can be considerably longer, it just depends on what got wet and the rate at which the materials can dry.  If you have standing water in your property, we can usually have that out in a matter of a couple of hours, but it’s the process of actually drying out the remaining moisture that can take some time.

Rest assured, we have the fastest drying equipment and most advanced to water mitigation systems money can buy, so our goal is always to get you back into your home as quickly as possible!

If you want to learn more about the steps typically applies while cleaning up water damage from properties, please watch the video below:


Will I get toxic mold if I don’t begin the process immediately?

Yes.  you have about 48 hours after the flooding occurs before you’ll begin to have black mold growth.

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