Water Damage North Jersey

When a property experiences a flood disaster, moving quickly to fix the problem is always the best option.  Should it happen to you, our North Jersey restoration company can be  counted on to get your home or business dried up, cleaned, & fully restored.  So if you find yourself dealing with a flooded basement or any other flooding emergency, please call us now for an immediate response and free on-site restoration estimate!


Don’t wait – call us & we’ll be there within 60 minutes!


We have crews on-call throughout the North Jersey area and can always respond to your call immediately, no matter when it comes in.  So if you need emergency water cleanup services, then please give us a call.  We’d be happy to dispatch the closest crew and can be on-site within minutes to help clean things up!

We respond immediately & get on-site fast!


Need a quote?  Call us – it’s completely free!


You’ve just experienced flooding damage and aren’t sure what to do.  Who do you call?  How do you know what company to choose?  If that’s happened to you, please just give us a call and we’ll come out to provide you with a free water restoration estimate and explain what makes our services and company so great!

Just give us a call – the quote is always free!


We also remove sewage from a sewer back-up!


Not only do we provide award-winning water restoration services, but we also provide professional north NJ sewage cleanup services designed to get the mess out and your property clean, disinfected, & fully restored quickly.  If you’ve got sewage damage, just give us a call and consider the problem taken care of!

Need help with a sewer back-up?  We’re the right call!


Any service we provide is guaranteed to satisfy you!


Whether it’s extracting water from a wet basement or performing complete flood restoration services after a storm, we aim to make sure our customers know we’re serious about providing great help.  It’s why anytime you let us help in your time of need you’ll get a 100% satisfaction guarantee at the time of work completion!

Call & ask about our customer satisfaction guarantee!


When it comes to great service, it’s about the people!


You simple can’t provide great restoration services in North NJ without having great people.  And that starts with making sure they’re good people…we always background screen & drug test.  And of course once they’re on our team, we make sure they’re completely insured, trained & certified to help you!

We screen, drug-test, train & certify each technician!


Filing a claim?  We offer insurance assistance!


One aspect of our company that helps separate us from our competitors is our ability to help throughout the insurance claims process.  We’re an insurance-approved water damage restoration company and can work with the adjuster on your claim.  In fact, we can just bill our services directly to the insurance company!

Call us and we can send the bill to insurance!


Water Damage FAQs


Do I get to choose the water restoration company I want to hire?


Absolutely.  It’s your home, it’s your life, and you live with the results of the services performed.  You have every right to hire the water mitigation company you feel most comfortable with.  While your insurance company may refer a certain provider your way, please understand a couple of things:

() you get to decide who you want to hire, not your insurance company

() the contractor they referred you to has an agreement in place with the adjuster to charge less than the actual cost the job should incur.  We’ll let you draw your own conclusions about what that means about the quality of water damage repair services you will receive.


Will my insurance policy cover the loss?


insurance-claim-formIt depends on what type(s) of insurance policy you have.  If you have both homeowners insurance and flood insurance you should be cover regardless of what precipitated the water loss (some exceptions may apply).  If you just have homeowners insurance, the easiest way to explain the extent of coverage on most policies is to say:

If the loss was due to a malfunction within the home’s walls that caused sudden flooding, you’re probably covered.  If the loss occurred due to water entering your property from outside, you’re probably not covered.


How are the costs determined?


Most people that call us assume that we operate like other contractors such as plumbers or remodelers in that we can decide what we want to charge for water damage cleanup services.  The reality is that because insurers usually pay for our work, they actually decide what we can charge.

The way it works is a lot different than you probably think.  Basically, we use a system called Xactimate that catalogues every single service we offer, every machine that we run, and every man-hour we commit to the job, and it assigns a value for each of those. Watch this video to get a better idea of how we price water restoration services:


How does the process typically work?


We hope this is your first time needing a professional North Jersey water damage restoration company.  And if that is the case, you might be clueless as to how we go about getting your property back to its original condition.  The video below highlights some of the common tactics we employ during the water mitigation service:


Can I cleanup and dry out the property myself?


You can try.  But the reality is you’re going to end up with an even bigger mess than you have right now.  That’s not to say you aren’t handy, but water damage isn’t like fixing a plumbing fixture or replacing a light fixture.  It’s part art, part science, and very much reliant upon specialized equipment that you don’t have access to and wouldn’t have the foggiest clue how to use if you did.

Just one example is actually finding the water damage…



If you looked at that wall, would you think it was wet?  Probably not, but drywall is like a sponge and the water will travel up the wall and eventually begin to warp and rot.  At that point, you’ll rip out the wall and find a wonderful surprise: toxic black mold.

While you may feel up to the task, we really, really hope you’ll at least call us or another emergency water damage company to assess the situation and give you a very clear picture of what you’re dealing with.  At that point, at least you can make a more educated decision on which way you want to go!

If you’re dealing with a flooding event, we hope that you’ll remember the dangers inherent in rising flood waters. As the leading cause of death among all natural disasters, floods require us to be diligent, prepared, and always aware. Click here for flood safety tips from the NJ Office of Emergency Management!

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