Bergen County NJ Water Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyWhat happens when you experience a flood disaster and need help now?  With some companies, you’re not able to get a person on the phone.  Others make you wait in line while your home or office soaks.  But call us, and you will speak with a live representative and we will dispatch a team immediately to your Bergen County address.  We can be there within minutes to begin the process of getting your property back to normal, guaranteed!


Bergen County New Jersey Water Damage Restoration


We make the process of recovering after flooding or sewage damage simple by offering comprehensive mitigation & reconstruction services.  If you have water in your property, we’re the restoration company to call!  Here’s just some of the reasons people choose us for their disaster recovery needs!


We give you a free estimate & honest price.


Free_EstimatesOne thing that many people in your shoes worry about when choosing a water damage company in Bergen County is knowing whether or not they’ve been offered a fair price. Because most water losses are filed under an insurance claim, we are beholden to the insurance companies’ reimbursement rates for every action we take.

Here’s a quick video explaining the process of quoting your loss:

As you can see, when you get a quote from us, you don’t need to worry about whether or not it’s an honest and competitive rate.  And you don’t need other estimates!


We make sure trained & certified technicians show up.


One thing about our industry that some people might consider a dirty little secret is that quality of contractors.  Why?  Because most of the work is paid for by a third party (insurance companies) and so there isn’t a lot of focus or attention placed on actually provide good flood restoration services to the actual homeowner.  In our industry, you just never know who’s going to show up and how well they’re going to fix your property.

checklistBut we take that concern out of the equation!  We only partner with certified water damage restoration contractors that have the proper training, certifications, and screening processes.  That includes randomly drug testing every technician!

If you want certified, insured & screened help, call us!


We handle insurance repairs & bill the work to your insurer!


bill-directOur restoration contractors are approved by major insurers.  That allows us to bill the work directly to the insurer instead of requiring that you pay us and then wait for insurance to send you a check.  It also means we can handle the claim filing on your behalf which is great because the last thing you need to be worried about is constant requests from an adjuster.  Call us and we’re fully capable of handling those issues on your behalf!


Emergency basement flooding cleanup services!


flood-basementHas your basement flooded?  Basements are more apt to take on water due to their position in the home and the fact that in many cases they house systems that can malfunction and leak water.  If you’ve suffered basement flood damage, we offer rapid water extraction and drying services designed to get your basement back to its original condition without having to tear out everything and rebuild portions of your basement.

We offer packout services and can salvage most of the items you probably thought would be lost.  And we have powerful water extraction systems and evaporative drying equipment that are non-intrusive and allow us to dry out the original structures of your basement.


We also handle sewage backup cleaning services!


Sewage Back-upExperiencing a sewage back-up in Bergen County is more than just a smelly experience. It’s a potentially deadly situation.  That is because sewage commonly contains viruses that can cause grave illness or even death.  Especially in young children, elderly, and those with suppressed immune systems, sewage water can contain pathogens that are nothing to take lightly.

We safely mitigate sewage damage and contain the loss so that you’re not at risk of contracting any diseases.  Our technicians follow strict sewage extraction protocols and have powerful cleaning and disinfectant equipment that ensure when we leave you are safe.

Call today if you need a Bergen County sewage cleanup company!

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