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Like any other area of the country, we’re not immune to flooding disasters that can cause a lot of damage to our home, apartment or office building. Luckily, our New York restoration company is fully licensed, insured & certified to provide the highest level of disaster mitigation services available!  No matter how much NYC water damage has occurred, we can quickly and affordably restore your property…so call now for a completely free cost estimate!


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We make finding certified restoration services in NYC easy by always providing you with an upfront estimate after we’ve had a chance to survey the property and assess the flood damage.  So if you need help, and you’d like to know the cost before the work is done, just give us a call and we’ll give you a free estimate!

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You should always know they key to effectively mitigating a loss with as little disruption to you is acting quickly.  So if you’ve found standing water or you have an NYC sewage back-up that needs to be cleaned, then call us now and we’ll respond that second and can be at your property within 30-60 minutes, sometimes sooner!

Immediate water restoration services are a call away!


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Unlike some restoration companies in NYC, we’re serious about making sure you are happy.  We understand you’re the client, not the insurance company, and we go the extra mile to make sure you’re completely happy with the entire water restoration & drying process.  In fact, we guarantee you’ll be happy!

All services backed by a satisfaction guarantee!


We hire & train the best technicians in the field!


You can have the best equipment on the market and the biggest trucks on the road, but without great technicians you can’t do the job right.  We understand this, and it’s why each technician undergoes a rigorous hiring process.  And once on our team, they go through extensive training to become fully certified!

Our technicians know what they’re doing & get it done right!


We cleanup flooded basements fast!


We also handle flooded basement repair work.  Basements can present challenges to even the most seasoned water restoration crew, but we’ve spent 20+ years cleaning up basement flooding and have the experience, personnel, and resources required to get the basement restored and dried effectively!

If you have a flooded basement in NYC, please call us!


Want us to bill insurance?  Just call!


In most cases, any costs for water removal and drying services are covered by your insurance company.  But that’s not always case, so make sure you check your policy to know what’s covered!  But if it, and you want to file a claim, we’ll take care of it and can even send the bill directly to your adjuster!

Don’t pay out of pocket!  Call us first!


Learn more about NYC water damage cleanup services…


When you need answers, we’re here!  Our job is to make sure you receive exceptional water mitigation services while making sure you’re fully informed throughout the entire process.  Here are some things you might be confused about or have questions about.  Of course, if you have additional questions, please give us a call to discuss!


Do I need to get multiple estimates?

Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable with the provider you’re choosing and the price won’t play much of a role in that decision.  Why?  Because any NYC water damage repair company you call should be using the same system to estimate the loss.  Watch this short video to learn about Xactimate and why it allows to be confident the estimate you are receiving is competitive, reasonable, and fair.


So as you can see, you don’t need to get multiple estimates.  So long as you feel comfortable in the water damage company that is providing the estimate and their ability to provide excellent service, you should move forward quickly in order to lessen the extent of water damage and begin the cleanup process immediately!


How long does it take to cleanup water damage?

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgIt’s usually best to look at the process as 3 phases:

Phase 1. Water Extraction

Phase 2. Drying

Phase 3. Reconstruction/Build-back

Phase 1 can be done within a couple of hours onsite.  Phase 2 can take 3+ days.  And phase 3 can take weeks to months depending on the full extent of damage caused and the amount of your property that had to be removed in order to properly dry out the structure.


Will I need an insurance claim before the work begins?

insurance-claim-formNo.  What often happens is people assume they need a claim and call their insurance company, only to wait around for a return call.  Meanwhile, more water damage occurs. That’s the worst case scenario, yet it happens because people assume they can’t begin the water damage restoration process without an open claim filed.  Don’t worry about the claim, it can be filed and dealt with in due time.  Your first worry should always be the standing water in your property.


How do you perform water damage restoration services?

We make sure our technicians are following all proper protocols to ensure they do a great job and keep you (and themselves!) safe.  There’s no way to tell what form your water damage services will take until we’ve had a chance to assess the property and formulate a mitigation plan, but the video below should at least help you understand what the process generally looks like:


What if I have sewage in my basement?


If the city’s storm system is at full capacity, or if you have a backup in your main sewer drain, often times sewage waste will end up in your basement.  Should that happen, it’s even more imperative that you have a professional water damage restoration company inspect the loss and clean it up for you.  The dangers of sewage water are often not understood by people, so we’ve created a quick video to explain those dangers:


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