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flood-damage-companyWe help residents and businesses after a water crisis has occurred by providing fast, reliable & affordably-priced water extraction and restoration services. We have everything necessary to get your property fully restored. We use the best equipment on the market, employ great people and make sure they’re trained & certified, and always stand by the work performed. So call now for a free estimate for any water restoration service you might need!


Just one call and we’re on the way!


24-7-emergency-serviceThere’s no need to call your insurance adjuster and wait for a claim number in order to get your emergency addressed.  Water damage cleanup should begin immediately after the flooding has occurred.  Wait longer and your headaches only grow.  So call us now and we’ll dispatch a team to your property immediately!

Restoration help can’t wait – and neither should you!


toxic-moldWhy is a fast response so crucial when it comes to home water damage? Because there are very real safety concerns initially and then potential health concerns as things fester. When the supporting structures of your home (walls, ceilings, floors, etc.) get wet, they lose their strength. It isn’t uncommon for the ceiling to collapse or a wall to cave in. But beyond the initial concern, the lurking enemy during any water restoration service in Charleston is black mold. Wait just 2 days after your flood and you may already have it.


No need to guess the cost – upfront & free quotes!


photo_free_estimatesSome Charleston restoration companies will pull a bait and switch by giving you a great rate on the phone then using high pressure sales to push a higher price once they’re on-site.  Not us.  We come to your home and offer a free on-site assessment and quote using standard insurance & claims estimating software.

The price is always fair & the estimate is always free!


Not only do we offer you a no obligation & free estimate for any water damage repair services in Charleston you may need, but the quote is generated by Xactimate.  ‘So what!’ you say? An Xactimate estimate is great for you because it means we’re working off of the same rate sheet as your adjuster. Yep, that’s right! They use the same thing we do to determine the fair price to repair your home after it’s suffered water damage. That means you don’t have to worry about your insurer balking at the costs or having to pay out of pocket for the difference in what they’ll cover and what we’re trying to charge! Watch this video to learn how it works:


Will the work be done correctly?  Yes, guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeService guarantees are important given the speed with which you have to make a decision about which emergency flood restoration company to use.  If they’re not willing to stand behind their work and guarantee your satisfaction, it should tell you something about their confidence in their own abilities to do things correctly!

We always guarantee your satisfaction!


How can we be so confident that we’ll perform the water restoration services up to your standards? It’s simple: we employ the best people in the business, we train them extensively, and we make sure they’re equipped with the best equipment available. We believe that is the magic recipe for success in our industry, and it’s what has allowed us to service so many satisfied customers over the years. If you’re at all curious what the process is like when you hire a professional Charleston water mitigation company to restore your property after flooding, watch the video below:


What happens if something goes wrong?


1-yr-warrantyWe never anticipate customers having a problem once we’re gone.  But we’re human, and just like other providers, we can make a mistake.  But unlike those other restoration companies, we actually stand behind the work long after we’re gone.  We offer a 1 year warranty on sewage cleanup and any other work done!

1 year extended warranty on all work completed!


Techs are certified, insured, screened & drug-tested!


checklistWe’re in the safety business.  While our job is to cleanup flooding damage and restore homes, it’s really about providing a service that ensures your safety.  And that isn’t possible if the people we employ aren’t reputable and aren’t trained to do their work effectively.  It’s why our people are such a big focus for us!

Don’t let the wrong team into your property!


What should I know about the water damage restoration process?



There are a few things people usually aren’t aware of when they’re in need of emergency water damage restoration services.  Here’s just some of the things you’ll want to be aware of:


All restoration companies use the same system to estimate the loss (or at least should be). Unlike most industries where the service provider chooses what they can charge and there can be a wild swing in cost estimates because of it, we aren’t able to charge any more than what your insurer allows us to charge. Hopefully you had a chance to watch our video above about how that works, but if not you can watch it here.


black-mold-2Mold growth occurs after 48 hours. Some people arrive home from vacation to find out they had a water loss and it’s already become a mold problem. Others wait a couple of days unaware they’re losing valuable time to get the moisture out. Mold is present in every home, but when extra moisture is introduced, it explodes and grows out of control quickly. Our job is to get that moisture out before the mold takes hold. Your job is to make sure you move quickly to hire the right Charleston water damage service that can handle the task!


Insurance claims aren’t always as easy as they should be. The best thing you should do is make sure you hire an emergency restoration company that understands they work for you and not your insurer. While your insurer may be paying, you are the customer. An independent mitigation company works on your behalf to make sure your home gets fixed properly, and doesn’t pander to your insurer.


iicrc-logoThere is no licensing agency for our industry, but you should always make sure you’re hiring an IICRC-certified mitigation company. That’s the best way to know if they have the skills to do things the right way. Whether or not they actually follow their training is another matter, but being certified is a strong indication that the technicians at least have the proper training & skills. There are a ton of companies out there pretending to be restoration companies that don’t have the foggiest clue as to what they are doing!

Do you live in Charleston and are dealing with a disaster like a basement flood or sewer line back-up? If so, our Charleston restoration crews are available when you need us to get your property fully restored. No matter where in Charleston, you can count on us for an immediate response!

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