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We handle any and all water or flood damage emergencies you might be faces with.  From hurricane storm damage to toilet overflows and sewage back-ups, for over 20 years we’ve helped Miami residents and businesses get their property fixed fast!  Our Miami water restoration company is available when you need us and we always provide you with a fast response and free estimate…so give us a call anytime day or night!


Always here when you need us – rapid response guaranteed!


As certified restoration specialists, no one understands the importance of a fast response to a water loss than us.  When you call, we spring to action.  We can immediately dispatch the closest crew to your home who will be there within one hour to begin the flood damage repair process!

Don’t wait – call now for an immediate response!


Always free estimates – know the cost before work begins!


If you’d like for us to come out and take a look at your water damage and provide you with a free estimate, please give us a call!  Our technicians will be able to survey your property and outline what processes we’ll put in place to get things cleaned up and dry.  They can then give you a free estimate!

So call now – there’s no obligation to choose us!


Always guaranteed service – we stand behind our work!


Anytime you call upon a water mitigation company, there’s a lot of stress and uncertainty.  Will the company do a good job?  Will insurance pay for it?  Will I get mold?  We know what you’re going through, and one thing you don’t have to question is whether we’ll do a good job extracting water and drying your property!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Miami-Dade area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We dry out properties before mold grows!


If you’ve experienced a flood loss, probably one of the things you’re most worried about is mold.  Black mold can begin pollinating and spreading within 48 hours of finding the right home.  That means time is not on our side when trying to perform the water mitigation process.  It must be done quickly!

We have specialized drying equipment that can dry any type of surface.  We can even get below your floors and behind your walls to dry out any trapped moisture.  For any type of surface, there’s an acceptable level of moisture below which mold won’t grow.  So our aim is to get any affected areas below that level as quickly as possible!


We help customers with their claim & can bill insurance!


Most water losses are covered under insurance.  In Miami, most homes have a standard policy as well as additional flood insurance that covers most losses that are the result of water from outside getting inside.  That being the case, much of our sewage cleanup services & other restoration services are bill directly to insurance.

So if you need help with your claim, or want us to bill the insurance company directly, just give us a call and consider it done!


Watch our informational water damage restoration videos!


If there’s things we can do to help our customers understand what they’re up against and how our water restoration company in Miami goes about getting things fixed, we try to do it.  We understand the importance of educating and communicating with our customers, and a lot of that education can start on our web site.  Here’s some videos we’ve produced that help you understand some important facets of the water damage cleanup process!


How does our water restoration company estimate your loss?

Don’t fall victim to a predatory water mitigation company. Our quotes are accurate as they are always generated using Xactimate. Watch this video to see what that means for you as a customer:


As you can see, the Xactimate estimating software makes sure the cost matches the rates your insurer has already agreed to pay, giving you confidence the price is fair!


What steps are taken to cleanup water damage & dry out my home?


For us, the most important thing to strive for on any water damage service call is maintaining a strict adherence to the S500 manual.  The S500 is the instructional manual for the water damage restoration profession and it’s a huge book that outlines every single step to take, as well as answers questions that may arise due to unique situations. Our business is part science, part art, and being able to have a reference guide available during every aspect of the job, and most importantly, using that manual to make sure our customers receive exceptional emergency water mitigation services, is what separates us from other Miami water damage contractors!


Act fast to make sure your water loss doesn’t turn into mold!


mold-inspectionWhen we’re called out to assess a water damaged home, our biggest priority is making sure it remains a water mitigation issue and not a mold remediation issue down the road. For mold to grow, it needs moisture, the right temps, and something to eat, and a couple of days.  That’s it.  So if you have excess moisture in your walls, floors or other organic surfaces, you will end up with black mold within a couple of days.  It’s important to understand that almost all water damage services in Miami area covered by insurance, while virtually no black mold removal services are covered under an insurance policy.

Don’t end up delaying any emergency water restoration work only to end up with a black mold problem you have to deal with financially all on your own.  Call us now!


What causes most home water damage?


We try and help people in any way that we can. And sometimes that help manifests itself in providing information that can lessen their chances of ever needing our Miami water damage services. That may seem odd that we would do that, but we truly believe that if we can help people, it will come back to us in some way and allow our business to grow. So with that said, here are some ways you can greatly lessen the chances of needing our services in the future.

But before we detail the types of water damage we encounter the most, it’s important to point out the difference between water damage and flood damage.  When we say water damage, we mean any water loss as a result of a water source inside the home. With flooding, we mean an outside water source such as rain or hurricane damage. So with that said…


#1 – Ice maker supply line


We bet you didn’t think this was going to make the list, much less at the top spot. But sadly this simple supply line causes major home water damage every day throughout the Miami-Dade area. Why? Usually it’s improperly installed, but in some cases it just gives out over time or develops a crease or crink in it.


#2 – Old water heater leak


water-heater-corrodedEven brand new water heaters can leak, but the majority of times when a home floods from a water heater, it’s because the water heater was very old and well past its time to be replaced. This is a particularly bad type of water damage because insurance adjusters are prone to deny the insurance claim due to a negligence claim in your policy. Within every homeowners policy is a clause stating it is your responsibility to properly maintain the appliances in your home. If they come to survey your loss and the first thing they see is a 25 year old rusted out water heater as the culprit, guess what? You’re paying for the damages out of pocket. Given that, it’s probably a good idea for anyone reading this to take 10 minutes to watch this video (provided by Mr. Hassle Free Home) on properly maintaining your water heater:


#3 – Washing machine supply hoses


washing-machine-hose-water-damageIf you’ve ever listened to your washing machine when you turn it on, you know how much water is being pushed through the hoses in a short amount of time. It’s a massive amount of pressure, and that pressure over time can cause problems, especially if you still have rubber hoses supplying the water. If you do, we would highly recommend you replace them with steel mesh lines that are more durable and less likely to fail! If you want to see a mess, walk into a water loss where one of these supply lines has failed and wasn’t caught by the homeowner for a couple of hours…talk about a lot of water!


#4 – Roof leak


Roofs are under constant assault, especially given the amount of rain we get annually. If you’re like the average homeowner, you just take for granted the fact they do their job day in and day out. That is, until they don’t. Even one missing or damaged shingle can cause a big problem. While most people envision a lot of water dripping through their ceiling and into their home (and that certainly does happen), a potentially more serious problem is a small leak that causes your attic to take on moisture but also go unnoticed for months. By then, you not only have a bad moisture problem you’ve got a dangerous black mold problem.


#5 – Homeowner accidents


Hey life happens. One minute you’re filling up the bathtub to get the kid clean, the next minute you’re in the living room dealing with a crying baby, and minutes later you have water spilling out into your bathroom, hallway and bedrooms. It happens. How can you prevent it? Install remote water sensor systems in bathrooms and other areas that have plumbed appliances. These systems sense water and can remotely shut off the home’s main water supply line!

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