Water Damage West Palm Beach

Unfortunately West Palm Beach restoration services are needed from time to time to deal with sewer back-ups, flooded kitchens, or any other water damage event. When it happens, you can trust our West Palm Beach restoration company to help get you back on your feet. Call now and speak with a live representative to get immediate assistance and a free, onsite estimate for all your restoration needs!


We provide an emergency response to your call!


Any amount of flooding requires an emergency response.  We take your call seriously…that means always answering it and having the resources in place to respond immediately.  We guarantee a 60 minute or less flood cleanup response time so you’re not stuck waiting around!

Call now for immediate help from our certified technicians!


If you’d like a no obligation estimate for free – please call!


Not only do we offer free estimates for any water damage restoration services you need, but we send a tech out to perform an on-site evaluation and offer you a detailed mitigation plan.  It outlines what we’ll do and of course the cost for our services, and gives you a chance to ask as many questions as you have!

Need a free quote?  Give us a call!


Don’t get stuck holding the bag if problems arise!


Properly mitigating a water loss is a difficult process that has a lot of different steps and procedures to follow.  Sometimes a mistake will occur.  If you choose the wrong West Palm restoration company, you could be left dealing with the mistake.  But call us and you’ll get water cleanup service backed by a 1 year warranty!

All of our work is backed by a 1 year full warranty!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the West Palm Beach area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



Our restoration company can bill insurance directly!


Sometimes the claims process can be a mess.  Especially if you’re trying to do it on your own and you’ve never filed a claim before.  That’s why we hire staff whose sole responsibility is helping you with your claim.  Our specialists can work directly with your adjuster for faster claims settlement.

We can even bill them directly for our services!


We perform emergency sewage damage repair!


Not all restoration companies are qualified to properly cleanup sewage back-ups.  But we have specialized technicians on staff that are fully certified to handle any sewage damage emergency you may be faced with.  We follow proper protocol to make sure your property is clean and safe!

Call for fast, affordable sewage removal services!


Want to learn how the estimating process works?


While other types of services can result in wildly different prices amongst service providers, the emergency restoration service industry is quite different.  Why?  Because we all estimate losses using insurance-approved software called Xactimate.  That means when it comes to making sure you are getting a fair water damage estimate, it’s guaranteed with RestorationEze.  Watch this video to learn more….


Learn how emergency water damage cleanup services work…


So how exactly does a professional water mitigation company get your property restored? Technically, we follow the procedures set forth by the IICRC S500 water damage restoration manual.  In our industry, that’s the end-all-be-all when it comes to mitigating flood damage.  But less technically, there are usually several steps taken during the cleanup and drying process which we’ve highlighted in the video below:


What’s the biggest threat after water damage?


Black mold!  Toxic mold spores exist (in very low levels) in every environment. Introduce excess moisture as a result of flooding and you’ve created a perfect home for the mold spores to spread quickly.  Black mold can take hold within 48 hours after flood damage, making an immediate response imperative.  Wait or delay the response for any reason and you’re looking at a scenario where not only will you require water damage removal services but also black mold remediation services.

mold-free-guaranteeAt RestorationEze, we offer you a mold-safe guarantee on all complete water mitigation services.  We go to great lengths to prevent toxic mold growth throughout the restoration process and that means when we are done you are home will pass any environmental tests you wish to perform with flying colors! It’s just another reason we say we’re in the Peace of Mind business!


We assist our clients with their water mitigation insurance claims.


Help with your claim is a must.  When you try navigating the claims process without help, you’re naturally at a disadvantage. It can mean the difference in a successful claim and a nightmare.  We’ve even seen the ‘go-it-alone’ approach end up in litigation. The good news is that it doesn’t need to happen that way.

insurance-claim-formOur job is to assist your customers and in the event the water loss might be covered by insurance, investigate the cause of the loss and convey to the adjuster our professional opinion.  That includes the cause of the water damage in West Palm Beach and the cost of restoring the damage.  When it comes to the claims process, we communicate with your adjuster at every phase, answer their questions, provide all the necessary proof and documentation, and ultimately make sure we are properly compensated for the water damage cleanup process!

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