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If you live in Kansas City long enough, chances are your home or office will experience a flood that requires professional help. Our Kansas City water restoration company is fully licensed, insured & certified to provide the highest level of disaster restoration & mitigation services, no matter how much damage has been done!  We always get there fast, always provide free estimates, and always stand behind our work…so call now!


Need help now?  Just call for an immediate response!


We don’t mess around…when it comes to responding to a flood repair call, time isn’t on our side or yours.  As time goes by, more damage is done and the greater the costs are to restore things.  So when you call us, we respond immediately and can be there within 1 hour.

When you need flood cleanup service fast – call us!


When it comes to pricing, we make it easy!


Like any other service, one of the most important aspects of that service is the cost.  So when it comes to repairing water damage, we always provide customers with a no-nonsense free estimate, upfront & in writing.  Our rates are affordable & there’s never any hidden costs!

Call if you need a free estimate today!


Can I trust your pricing?  Absolutely – here is why….


Have you heard of Xactimate?  Probably not, but it’s the software we use to estimate the cost of your water restoration service.  Why is that important?  Because it’s the same 3rd party software that your insurance adjuster will use when they perform their assessment.  In other words, we charge the same amount they’ll agree to pay for the loss, making sure you don’t get an inflated estimate or the restoration contractor doesn’t submit a claim that will cause the insurer to balk.

Watch this video to learn about Xactimate:


We make sure the work is done right each & every time!


Throughout the entire process, our goal is to make sure you’re happy.  Whether it’s performing basement flooding cleanup services or any other water loss, our promise is always the same: the work will be done to your complete satisfaction & will be backed by a 1 year warranty!

Ask about our 1 year warranty on all service!


Screened, licensed, insured & certified technicians!


We understand how much your home means to you and it’s why we go to such great lengths to make sure anyone coming into it is safe, trained & knows what they’re doing.  We screen, train & certify technicians for all types of restoration work, from sewage cleanup to water removal, so that you know it’s being done right!

We only send the best restoration technicians to your property!


As a bonus, we can bill the insurance carrier!


We try our best to make the entire water removal & drying process as simple as possible for you.  And part of that means providing assistance beyond the scope of restoration services.  It’s why we have insurance specialists on staff that can help with your claim or we can just bill them directly!

We help get your claim settled & can bill insurance!


We stop mold before it takes over!


One of the biggest concerns any restoration company in KC has when called to a job is mold.  It’s a tough opponent and something you have to nip in the bud quickly or else the complexity of the work becomes significantly greater.  It’s why it’s such an important issue on any water restoration job we’re called to.

Don’t end up with black mold – call us now!


We encourage you to watch our restoration guide video



Learning is half the battle!  We’re serious when we say we want you to be in the loop throughout every step of the water mitigation service.  Our technicians are trained to educate you about what they’re doing, why, etc.  We love it when you ask questions, it means you’re committed to making sure you receive the level of water damage restoration service you deserve.  We hope you’ll have the opportunity to watch the video above that helps explain the general process we follow when we’re called to a property that has a moisture problem!


Some things to know before work begins…


What role does your insurer play?

Many people assume that their insurer’s job is to spearhead the efforts to get your water damaged home fixed.  In reality, that’s your job.  An insurance adjuster is responsible for assessing your loss and determining whether your water loss is covered under your policy and if so what their financial liability is.

So if you think you need an insurance adjuster’s claim number to get work done, you’d be wrong.  You don’t need their permission to begin the water damage restoration process.


What’s the biggest mistake homeowners make in this position?

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgThey delay the water mitigation process.  Whether they’re waiting on their insurance company to respond or they simply don’t take action quickly enough, delaying the process snowballs the problems and ultimately cause homeowners a lot of problems.  We try to stress urgency on everyone’s part for a reason: without it, things get much worse a lot quicker than you probably expect!


How do you make sure all of the moisture is removed?

Every surface has some level of moisture in it naturally.  The problem is when that moisture level becomes elevated that you end up with big problems.  So really you are hiring our water damage company in KC to find and safely remove the moisture.

digital-moisture-meterFinding moisture can only be done using specialized equipment. Despite what you might read, most moisture can’t be visibly detected without these tools.  There are several types of equipment that can find hidden moisture.  Moisture meters, moisture probes and thermal imaging cameras are just some of the tools we have at our disposal.  If you decide to roll up your sleeves and perform the water damage cleanup process yourself, the first big problem you’re going to run into as that you’re not capable of discovering most of the moisture problems because it can’t be seen by the naked eye.  Miss any section of your home that has elevated levels of moisture and you will end up with black mold growth.  Believe it or not, professional water damage restoration contractors can even miss moisture spots if they don’t take their time and fully assess the entire structure!

water-damage-cleanupWhen it comes to removing moisture, that too requires special equipment.  There are dozens of different drying systems, many designed for specific types of surfaces.  Some are best used on wet carpets, others work with non-insulated walls and hardwood floors, and still others for hard surface floors and subfloor.  Rest assured, if the surface can be dried and salvaged we have the equipment to get it done!


How do make sure I don’t get black mold?

The only permanent solution for mold is removing the environment that it needs to grow. Specifically, removing the excess moisture from organic surfaces that it eats (think drywall, cabinets, etc.).  So the real answer is we dry out the structure before mold develops.  But given that dry times often last beyond the amount of times mold needs to grow, we actually apply an anti-microbial spray after the standing water has been extracted and before we have begun the drying process.


Where does most water damage occur?


There are some pretty predictable areas that cause the most amount of home water damage. Luckily, there are some things you can do to decrease the odds these areas cause problems for you. If you’ve already suffered a water loss, please keep in mind it happens once every eleven years or so (on average). So while you can’t fix the past, you can help shape the future…


Appliances – Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, and Water Heater

water-heater-corrosionThese systems can do a lot of damage but luckily a little preventative maintenance can do wonders. Check the supply line running to your fridge’s ice box to make sure it’s fastened and the line isn’t crinked or warped. With dish washers, the greatest cause for concern is the appliance itself malfunctioning and leaking. If your system is old, you run a greater risk of this happening so consider replacing it once it’s passed its useful lifespan. And when it comes to your washing machine causing water damage in Kansas City, the supply lines are usually the culprit. If you have old rubber hoses, replace them immediately with ‘no-burst’ lines! As for your water heater, the biggest issue is older systems corroding and leaking. To help prevent this, drain yours at least once a year to remove sediment and replace the system if you notice any corrosion forming.


Plumbing lines bursting or cracking

Insulate-plumbing-pipes-atticGiven the sometimes cold temperatures we see in the winter, it’s not unusual for poorly insulated pipes to freeze and burst. These types of water damage losses can be very serious simply because of the amount of water they can disperse in a short amount of time. Every fall, inspect any areas of your home that aren’t climate controlled (crawlspace, outside walls, etc.) for plumbing pipes that are exposed to the elements and make sure you wrap them tightly in some sort of insulating material.


Human error also results in much of the emergency water restoration services we provide. Whether it’s a kid leaving a bathtub running or other ‘brain fart’, these things can happen. The best way to prevent a widespread water loss is to have leak detection system like a WaterCop installed in your home. These systems utilize sensor devices that are placed near areas prone to malfunctions and leaking. If any moisture is detected, they relay a signal to a shutoff valve for your entire home, shutting the water supply off entirely.

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