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flood-damage-companyWe provide professional Springfield restoration services and are available when you’re dealing with any water or flood crisis. We offer complete water mitigation services as well as reconstruction services after flooding damage has occurred.  So if you’re in need of restoration services you can trust, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about what has made us the #1 choice for disaster recovery services for so many years!


Day & night immediate response guarantee!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhether you’ve suffered a flooded basement or other areas of your property have become soaked from excess water, getting it out and beginning the rapid dry process quickly is a must.  You can’t wait for help that might or might not show…you need an immediate response, and that’s what we provide!

When you need restoration service fast, call us!


black-mold-wet-basementWhy is it the case you have to act so quickly? There are a number of bad things that can and probably will happen after home water damage if you don’t address it immediately, but the most important one is black mold. In the last 20 years or so toxic mold has become a hot topic of conversation as we learn more about its adverse effects on the human body. But what is often left out in the discussion is why mold grows and the speed with which it does so. Mold grows when it has the right environment, and that includes excess moisture. And it grows fast. Usually you’ll see visible mold damage within 72 hours after your home floods.


We give no obligation, in-home cost estimates!


photo_free_estimatesOur rates differ from other industries in that we don’t decide what they are…because the majority of water losses are paid for by insurers, we only charge what they tell us to.  So call now and a water restoration technician will come to provide you with a comprehensive estimate at no cost or obligation to you!

Want a free estimate?  Make the right call!


Still curious how the estimating process works? We understand, it’s not as simple as you might think and is actually quite different than what you’ve come to expect with other home improvement industries. Here is the basic gist of it: we can’t charge whatever we want. Any water damage company in Springfield has to use the same estimating software to calculate their costs. It is called Xactimate. In our business, insurers set the prices, and we simple do the work necessary, catalogue it through Xactimate, and it tells us what we can charge. We made a video that explains the process in detail:


Choose us – we guarantee you’ll be satisfied!


satisfaction-guaranteeAll too much, restoration companies in Springfield aren’t here to serve the customers in need but are just going through the motions to collect insurance checks.  It results in poor service and terrible customer service.  But choose us and we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with every aspect of our work!

It’s our mission to make sure you’re happy with our services!


contractor-customerWhen a call comes in from someone needing emergency water restoration services in Springfield, we understand the gravity of the situation you’re facing, but we also understand the consequences you’ll face if the work isn’t done right. Believe it or not, we actually get calls on a weekly basis from people that hired what they thought was a legitimate water damage company only to realize that a couple of weeks after they packed up their equipment and left (and after their insurance has already paid for the services), something is wrong.

Usually they notice walls start to bubble up, wood floors start to cup, and worst of all they start to smell something musty and see visible black mold. By then, things are bad for a number of reasons. First, it’s going to cost a lot of money to fix things the right way. Clearly there is still a moisture problem that must be addressed, but it’s complicated by the presence of mold. Also, the surfaces that are showing signs of distress probably can no longer be dried properly and will need to be removed and replaced. But worst of all, you’re probably on your own when it comes to paying for it. Please don’t let this happen to you! Watch this video to see how proper water damage restoration services are done:


No loss is too messy – we clean it all!


cautionWhile any flood loss is a disaster, there’s some types of losses that can make your home unlivable and make you sick.  When a sewer back-ups, there is even greater urgency to get it cleaned up.  We also provide sewage cleanup services in Springfield and are happy to provide a free estimate to clean up the mess!

Call now if your sewer line has backed-up!


We can provide help with your claim!


bill-directSince most losses are covered by homeowners insurance, we see part of our job as an emergency restoration company to help with that process.  So if plan to file the loss and seek reimbursement, just call & let us handle it for you.  Or even better, we can simply send the bill to the insurance company!

Instead of you paying us, let us bill insurance!


What can go wrong with my water damage insurance claim?


insurance-claim-formIt’s an important question to ask because there certainly can be problems. Too many homeowners assume that because they’ve always paid their premiums on time they are covered and their insurer will protect them. Water damage claims can shatter that fantasy pretty quickly. There are a couple of things we like to point out to people before they call their insurer or attempt to open a claim. Do with this information what you will:


1) insurance companies try to refer you to ‘preferred vendors’ – this is no longer legal, but they still do it. And here’s why the policy has effectively been banned (yet still occurs regularly).  The agreement is simple: The insurance adjuster agrees to send business to the water restoration company, and in return the company agrees to charge a lot less than the standard rate for the service. Why is this practice no longer acceptable? Because what happens is the water mitigation company tries to cut corners and reduce their overhead on the job because they aren’t making as much, meaning the results are usually bad. Remember the scenario we outlined above? It happens all the time when this relationship occurs.


2) insurance adjusters do anything within their power to reduce their financial exposure to your loss – if you call your adjuster first, and assume they are going to willingly pay the full amount for your loss, you’re going to be pretty upset. Call an independent, certified Springfield water damage company before you call your adjuster, and let us handle your adjuster. We do it daily, and we know how to make sure your loss is fully covered by your insurance company!

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