Water Damage Rochester

If you live in Rochester and are dealing with a water emergency like a basement flood or sewer line back-up, our professional restoration company is available when you need help fast.  You can count on us for an immediate response anytime day or night and of course you’ll get a completely free, no obligation estimate upfront!  And best of all, if you choose us, we guarantee your complete satisfaction!


No need to wait – one call and we’re on the way!


If you’ve suffered a water loss then waiting around for professional flood damage cleanup services isn’t an option.  You need help, and you need it immediately.  It’s why we always offer an immediate response to your call, no matter when you call.  We guarantee we’ll be on-site within 60 minutes, usually faster!

When you need help fast, please call us!


Do you need a price quote?  We provide them for free!


We offer extremely competitive rates for Rochester water removal services and would be happy to explain how our rates work once we’ve had a chance to see the extent of flooding on your property.  So just give us a call and we’ll send a tech out immediately to walk through the site & provide an estimate!

There’s never a cost or obligation for our service estimates!


We offer great water restoration service…guaranteed!


Anytime you’re faced with a water loss, there’s often a lot of questions that are unanswered.  First among them is ‘Will my home and life get back to normal’?  At RestorationEze, all of our water damage repair services are guaranteed to make you happy and to be done to your complete satisfaction or we’ll fix it for free.

Go with a restoration company that guarantees your satisfaction!


We make the insurance claims process easy!


One of the biggest headaches that many homeowners face after a flood is dealing with their insurance company.  So as a way to alleviate additional stress for our customers, we provide insurance help during the claims process and can even go so far as to send the bill directly to them instead of having you pay out of pocket!

If you’d like us to bill insurance – just call!


We go beyond guarantees & offer the best warranty!


While there are some other Rochester restoration companies that offer a satisfaction guarantee at the time of service, very few are willing to go further to bring you peace of mind.  But we do, offering each customer a 1 year full warranty on any work that is performed, so you know we’re going to get it the first time!

Choose us and get a 1 year full warranty!


Cleaning up sewage is never a DIY project!


Too many people think they can brave the smell of raw sewage and attempt the cleanup effort themselves.  Sadly they don’t realize the serious nature of the issue and are not prepared to effectively cleanup sewage.  So if your home or office sewer line has backed up, please call us for fast, effective professional help!

We repair sewage damage like it never happened!


You need quicks answers to your timely questions….


When you have water damage in Rochester, you have a situation that requires an immediate response.  But how do you know what questions to ask?  What steps to take? In those first few hours you have important decisions to make and we think you’ll make the right decisions if you have answers and the right information at hand.  So here are some common questions we get…


Should I call my adjuster & open a claim first?


It’s not necessary.  Adjusters some times aren’t the most responsive and the reality is even if they did respond quickly, they can’t help you get the water damage mitigated and contained and that’s ultimately the first step in the process.

insurance-claim-formYou do not need an open insurance claim in order to save your home, and make no mistake that’s what the first couple of hours after flooding damage is all about.  Only a certified Rochester water damage company can get the loss contained quickly so it doesn’t spread and begin getting all of the moisture out of your property. The claim can be filed at any point during the water mitigation process, but it certainly isn’t necessary to begin work!


How do restoration companies arrive at the costs?


This works a lot different than what you’re probably expecting, so we’ll walk you through how any water restoration service calculates their rates.  The first thing to understand is that most water losses are filed under an insurance claim and paid out by that insurer. Because of this, our industry works differently than others in that the insurance companies ultimately determine what we can charge to cleanup water damage.

So to make sure that’s the case, we and other reputable water mitigation companies use Xactimate to catalogue your project.  Watch this video to see how it works:


Am I at risk of getting black mold?


mold-sporesYes.  In fact, it isn’t a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when’.  And just how quickly that happens might surprise you.  Usually within 2 days of the water loss you will begin to develop high levels of toxic mold and it will spread quickly from there.  That obviously doesn’t leave you with a long window to have the loss professionally mitigated. One of our specialties is performing the water damage restoration process such that you don’t end up with a black mold problem.


How do we repair water damage & dry-out your structure?


Most people don’t actually know what to expect when they need emergency water damage services.  We’ve created the video below to help you visualize the process and see for yourself the steps we would take to get the moisture out and prevent your home from developing mold damage.


Does my insurer decide what water damage contractor I can use?


Absolutely not.  When you’re talking about your home, that you own, it’s always up to you.  And that’s the case if you need a water mitigation company.  While your insurer might refer you to a specific restoration contractor, that doesn’t mean you have to use them. In fact, we like to point out what’s happening between your adjuster and the company they recommend.

cautionNamely, they send them business because they have an agreement to charge well under the actual costs of the job.  Remember, we all use the same rates to determine the cost of water damage repair services.  But in this instance, the contractor will mark off a significant discount off the full cost of the bill.

Why is that important to you? We think it’s a bad idea to hire the cheapest guy in town, especially when you aren’t paying for it.  You need a Rochester NY water restoration company that has your best interests in mind and is not beholden to an agreement with your adjuster.  We will due the work necessary to get your property fully restored, and we will make sure we are properly compensated for our work from your insurance provider.

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