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If you live in Dayton and your home or office has suffered flooding damage that requires professional help, our Dayton restoration company can help.  We offer residential and commercial restoration services and each technician is fully licensed, insured & certified to provide the highest level of service possible.  No matter how much damage has been done, please call us and give us the opportunity to explain who we are and what we do and provide you with a free & upfront cost estimate!


Need professional cleanup fast?  Call us!


We clean water damage fast so you can get back to your normal life!  While flooding is a huge inconvenience, it doesn’t have to be!  We can get to your property within 60 minutes of your call, and our equipment allows us to extract water and begin drying your structure quickly.  We’re the fastest mitigation company in town!

Call now for a 1 hour or less response time!


When it comes to pricing, nobody beats us!


Any reputable restoration company in Dayton should be using the same system we use to determine what to charge for flood damage cleanup services.  Because our prices are determined by insurers, there shouldn’t be any discrepancy between service providers.  So call us and let us provide you with a free on-site estimate!

Need a free quote?  Just give us a call!


We make sure each job is done to our customers’ satisfaction!


As a trusted Dayton emergency restoration service for over 2 decades, we understand that our customer is you, not the insurance company, and that it’s your flood damaged home that we’re in.  So we promise to respect you, your home, and provide a level of restoration service that meets and exceeds your expectations!

We always guarantee your satisfaction!


We can bill the insurer for work provided!


If you need help with the insurance company, please give us a call.  Whether it’s a basement flooding from a busted pipe or other water loss from within the home, it’s usually covered under insurance.  If you want to file a claim, we can assist in dealing with the adjuster or even just send the bill directly to them!

Just ask and we’ll send the bill to insurance!


We make sure all techs are screened, drug-free & certified!


We don’t take lightly the trust you’re putting in us by letting us into your home or business.  It’s why we go to such great lengths to screen and randomly drug-test all technicians so you know they’re safe and trustworthy.  And when it comes to providing service, we make sure each tech is trained & certified!

Don’t let fly-by-night contractors into your home!


All work backed by a 1 year full warranty!


Whether it’s cleaning sewage back-ups or providing emergency water removal service, you can rely on the same great warranty!  We provide every residential & commercial customer with a 1 year full warranty on the work we do, such that if something goes wrong within a year as a result of our mistake, just call & we’ll fix it!

Call us & get the best service warranty in the business!


Educate yourself about the water damage cleanup process!


As the saying goes, education is key!  And when it comes to hiring a water damage company in Dayton, that is especially true.  We want you to make the right decision and have the best experience possible, even if that is not with our water mitigation services. And to make that goal a reality, we think you need timely, accurate information. So here are some of the things you need to know now!


Not all water mitigation companies offer the same services.

There are usually 2 kinds of water restoration contractors.  There are those that just do the water extraction and structural drying process which in the industry is called ‘water mitigation’ services.  Then there are those that provide that same service but will also perform the reconstruction or ‘build back’ services.  If you choose a water mitigation company, that is one that is just going to dry your structure out, ask them whether or not they partner with a reconstruction company so that you have one point of contact throughout the project.


If your property isn’t dried out immediately you will get mold.

Mold remediationMold isn’t something that could happen if you don’t have your property immediately dried by a professional water damage restoration company, it’s something that will definitely happen.  We hate it when we get a call from someone that tried doing the work themselves or delayed in calling us for whatever reason and when we get there we have to tell them they already have mold.

It doesn’t have to happen, but happens all the time.  We stress urgency because your flood damage is urgent.  If it’s not mitigated within 48 hours, you’ll get toxic black mold.


The pricing and rates in our industry are standardized.

Perhaps the biggest misconception from people is that if they call 3 different Akron water mitigation contractors they’ll get 3 wildly different quotes.  That may be the case if you need a plumber, but in the emergency restoration industry, insurance companies dictate what we can charge.

As such, we all use the same estimating software to determine the estimated cost of the loss.  Watch this video to learn about the Xactimate estimating system and how you can be confident we’re quoting you an accurate price for the scope of work required:


Communication between the adjuster and the water damage contractor is key.

insurance-claim-formLike any relationship, communication is key.  But when it comes to your insurance claim, that’s even more true.  It’s a strange dynamic in that you are the party receiving the services but your insurance company is the party paying for those services (in most instances, but not always!). So you want to make sure that you receive the best possible service and your insurance company wants to make sure they pay as little as possible for the loss.


So what do you need to keep in mind when navigating your water damage claim?

Choose a Dayton water damage cleanup company that has your best interests at heart.  Please understand that if your insurer has referred you to a water damage company, they’ve done so because that company has agreed to charge the least possible amount for the claim.  Maybe you think getting the cheapest guy on the block is best, but we doubt it!

Choose a restoration company that has experience working insurance claims and can properly communicate what work must be done and why.  You see, it isn’t your insurer that decides what they will pay.  Ultimately the cost of any emergency water restoration services is dictated by the loss itself.  As we perform our duties, we log everything into Xactimate and it spits out the cost for any work.  So the key for a successful claim is clearly explaining why we did the work we did and why that approach achieved the best possible results for you while keeping the costs as low as possible for the insurer!


What the water damage cleanup process looks like…

Most people have never needed professional water damage services so they don’t have the faintest clue as to what the work actually entails.  Watch this video to get a better sense for what we do!

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