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home-water-DamageWith over 2 million people in Riverside County, we handle water, fire & mold losses on a daily basis.  Whether it’s from heavy rains sending water down into a leaky roof, or a water heater malfunctioning, any excess moisture in your home or office can be a serious problem if not dealt with immediately.  At RestorationEze, we make sure you get the service & attention you deserve, and need, when water damage effects your life.  Fast service, friendly technicians, guaranteed work – it’s all just part of what you can expect should you depend on us for your Riverside CA emergency restoration service needs.


What to expect from our disaster restoration services…


Setting expectations, listening, and communicating are key to any successful relationship. So shouldn’t it be the same when you need a restoration company in Riverside County?  We think so, and it’s why we like to make clear what you can expect so you know the right questions to ask and can have a great experience from start to finish.


A fast response 24 hours a day!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgA fast response should always be your top priority.  Acting quickly is the best thing you can do no matter how much water damage has occurred.  What most people don’t realize is that much of the moisture remains undetected by the human eye, so while you might not think you have a big problem, a Riverside restoration contractor should always be called upon immediately to assess your loss.  We offer 24/7 service & guarantee an immediate response.


A free estimate – insurance-approved rates!


Free_EstimatesWhen you call us the first thing we do is make sure you get a free estimate.  We can’t offer you a quote over the phone, but what we can do is send out a certified estimator to assess the damage and provide a complete water mitigation service plan along with the estimated cost to repair your property.  And when we quote you the cost, you can trust it’s a fair cost.  Why?  Because it’s generated using Xactimate, the industry leading insurance repairs estimating software…

Watch this video to learn more:


Guaranteed restoration service from certified techs!


satisfaction-guaranteeGetting great water restoration services isn’t always a sure thing. In fact, sometimes it can be the furthest thing from a sure thing. But not if you call RestorationEze for your emergency restoration needs.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction from any of our certified restoration companies.  That means that before you even call you know that you’re going to be completely satisfied once all of the work has been completed and our equipment has been packed up back on to our trucks!

Learn more about the water damage restoration process by watching this video:


Insurance billing & claims’ assistance!


bill-directThe bill can cause many people stress, and in most cases it doesn’t have to.  We find the majority of our flood cleanup services are covered by an insurance policy, so if that is the case for your loss, call us before you call your insurance adjuster!  Why?  Because we have experience working with adjusters and can advocate on your behalf throughout the claims process to ensure a timely resolution for your loss.  If the claim is successful, our bill goes to them and not you!


Things to consider when you need water damage repair service…


We want to make sure you make the right choice for you, whatever that may be.  To make that happen, we feel strongly you need to educate yourself and make sure you know what to expect, what questions to ask, etc.  Here’s some things you should know now before you even speak with a professional about your water damage loss:


You get to choose what water restoration company you want to hire.


Right off the bat it’s important to understand your options when it comes to hiring a water damage contractor.  Many people call their insurer and then work whatever company they refer them to.  That is certainly your choice, but it’s important to understand the relationship between your adjuster and their ‘preferred vendor’:

They have agreed to offer their water mitigation services at a very discounted rate.

cautionWe don’t know about you, but as homeowners ourselves, we’ve fallen victim to the contractor that offered the cheapest rates in town.  While we’re not saying you would have a bad experience with that other company, but what we do know is it’s simply natural for a company to try and save money on their services if they know they won’t be generating as much revenue as they should for those services.  In short, the temptation to cut corners is very real, and the results of that are very real.

When it comes to your property, we think you should be entitled to the best possible water damage restoration services possible.  We’re not beholden to your adjuster.  It’s our job to make sure your home is properly mitigated and that the insurer honors their financial commitments.


Your adjuster doesn’t determine the cost of the loss.


Sometimes people assume that their first priority is to call their adjuster so that the adjuster can come out and assess the loss and determine what amount they will pay for, and then at that point get the work.

That’s wrong.  Your adjuster isn’t a water damage repair technician and while they might have a lot of experience with water losses, they don’t formulate mitigation plans and determine what work must be done.  That’s our job.  More specifically, it’s our job to determine the best and most cost-effective route to get your home to its pre-loss condition.

It’s then our job to work with your adjuster to justify that work and make sure they pay for it.  In short, you need a reputable water damage cleanup company like us to advocate for you and make sure you get the money you deserve for your loss!


You will get mold within 72 hours after flooding.


mold sporesAnd that’s a conservative number.  More often, all mold needs is 48 hours to take root and start causing problems.  What happens if you call your adjuster and they take awhile to get back to you, and the restoration contractor they refer you to is busy and can’t get there for a couple of days?  You end up with black mold and your problems just got exponentially bigger.

Mold is only one reason you should always call an emergency water mitigation company in Riverside when you experience flooding.  The other huge concern is the strength of your home’s supporting structure.  When water soaks your home, it becomes weak and can cause soaked sections to collapse.  It’s dangerous, and something we hope never happens to you!


There are a couple of different types of restoration companies.


When you have water damage, you probably assume all restoration contractors offer the same service: namely, whatever it takes to get your home completely restored and looking like it did before the flood.  That isn’t true though.  There are 2 types of providers:


1. Water mitigation companies

Water_Damage-repairThis type of company only dries out and sanitizes the structure.  They may need to tear out drywall or rip up carpets, but their sole focus is making sure you have a dry home that is free of mold once they leave.  But when they leave, your home may still be under construction because they do not do the build back portion of the job.

Many times they will partner with a construction firm to handle the full scope of the loss under one insurance claim, but in most cases it’s up to you to find a company to do the build back.


2. Full service water damage restoration companies

As the name implies, this type of contractor does everything from the water cleanup and dry-out to the reconstruction efforts.


Unfortunately disasters do happen in Riverside…and when they do, our Riverside restoration contractors are here to help! We offer 24/7 reliable, fast emergency response to any disaster throughout the Riverside area. Each technician is fully certified and qualified to get your Riverside home or office completely restored quickly. So call us now for a rapid response within Riverside and a free estimate!

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