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flood-damage-companyWhen it comes to a water damage emergency, moving quickly, making the right choices, and trusting in your restoration service provider are crucial.  Our goal is to make sure that when a disaster does happen, whether it’s a small leak or large fire, that you’re able to get the help you need quickly and without any headaches.  Our St Louis restoration contractors are on-call and standing by ready to assist you with complete disaster mitigation services that you can rely upon to get your life back to normal!


When every minute counts, fast help is available!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhat most people don’t realize about the water damage restoration field is how much minutes matter.  Because the visual damage is usually only the tip of the iceberg, and because more damage occurs as the water has a chance to seep to other areas of the home, getting the loss contained and the water mitigation process started immediately is a must.

It’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services.  That means your call is always answered and we can be onsite in less than 1 hour!


Call now for a free estimate!


photo_free_estimatesWe want to make the process of getting a fair and reasonable price easy.  It’s why our technicians use Xactimate to price any flood restoration services.  Whether it’s simple performing the water mitigation process or we need to do more comprehensive restoration work.

We offer you a complete price upfront, and it’s calculated by Xactimate so you know it’s fair.  Xactimate is the same computer software that your adjuster will use when pricing your claim, so there’s never any concern that the price is anything other than just right!

Watch our video to learn about the process for estimating water damage and how our system means you always get the best price!


Certified water & flood restoration services!


Whether you’ve walked into a flooded basement in St Louis or a pipe in your office building burst sending water everywhere, our technicians are available to provide certified flood damage restoration services.  Unlike some St Louis restoration companies that don’t follow the right procedures, whether intentionally or because they lack the proper training, our contractors are certified by the IICRC.

CertificateIconThat means that when it comes to knowing whether or not the work will be done correctly, you’re not left guessing.  Each technician knows and understands the intricacies of the industry and is fully capable of handling your mitigation project with professionalism!

Call for certified water damage repair services you can trust! 


We dry-out basement floods fast!


Basement flooding can happen for a variety of reasons.  In some cases the water rises through the subfloor due to heavy rains saturating the ground.  Still other times the loss can be due to a malfunctioning piece of mechanical equipment like a washing machine or leaking water heater.

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhatever the reason, we are experts in basement water extraction & drying services.  In most cases, assuming we’re able to get to the home quick enough we can salvage the surfaces and use mostly non-invasive evaporation equipment to remove excess moisture!

If you have a St Louis basement flood, we hope that you’ll call us and allow us to provide you with a free estimate for your water cleanup and flood damage repair needs!


We offer complete sewage cleanup services!


sewage-cleanup-item-removalA sewer back-up can cause waste and toxic substances to spill into your basement, crawlspace, or bathrooms.  Many people lose sight of the fact that sewage water isn’t just a smelly substance, in many cases it can carry diseases.

The EPA states that commonly found substances in sewage back-ups include tetanus, E-coli, Hepatitis-A, and other pathogens.  These can be deadly viruses if contracted.  It’s why any restoration contractor will tell you that when it comes to black water losses like these, it’s always best to have the sewage damage cleanup process done by a professional.

Our sewage extraction & restoration services are done according to industry approved methods, and we use all of the appropriate safety gear to ensure the health and safety of our employees and you!


So how do we actually cleanup water damage?


There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to the professional water mitigation process.  That confusion can cause you stress and can make the situation seem chaotic. So for many people, actually understanding what they can expect helps relieve some of the stress and make them more at ease about the work done by their water damage contractor.

Here is a video we’ve created that explains how the process typically works:


Know the greatest risks to a delay response…


When water damage happens, responding quickly isn’t just ideal, it’s imperative. There are 2 main things that can or will happen if you don’t have the loss mitigated immediately by a professional St. Louis water damage company.


Water-Damaged-Ceiling-photo1. Your structure can collapse

It doesn’t take a lot of moisture to weigh down drywall or weaken the supporting structures of your property.  If you have a wet ceiling, it could be the case that ceiling comes crashing down.  Walls can even give way if they become weak enough. These are just some of the things that can happen that put your safety at risk.


black-mold2. You’ll get black mold

There’s really no ‘ifs’ about this one.  Given enough time, when your property remains wet you will end up with black mold.  So how long does that take?  About 2 days.  Is that a lot sooner than you expected?  For most people, they’re shocked to find out that while they’ve waited for their insurance company to react to the loss they already have black mold damage that will need to remediated.


Don’t worry about your insurer – we handle that process!


costs of restorationTypically we’ll suggest you call in your insurer on day 2.  When we get to the property we take a complete inventory of the property and document each section of the home that is damaged, including all furnitures and household possessions, as well as the source of the water damage.  There won’t be any question for your adjuster in regards to the cause of the loss, not the damage done.

Your insurance adjuster’s job isn’t to tell you what they will pay for.  It’s their job to ensure that every task completed to restore your home was necessary and then settle payment for those services.  That means you’ll have to rely heavily on the St Louis water damage contractor you hire to make sure every service provided is necessary and that they can clearly communicate that to the insurance company.  If there are concerns on the insurer’s part, it’s our job to answer to those concerns.

You don’t need to go to bat against your insurer alone.  In fact, you should always have someone on your corner that understands how they operate and has your best interests at heart.  That’s us!

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