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We’re available 24/7 to help with any disaster you might be facing.  From water & sewage damage restoration to basement flood cleaning services, our Columbus OH restoration company can help!  Our technicians undergo background screening and random drug-testing, and of course they’re all certified, licensed & insured.  So if you need a free estimate, please call us today for an immediate crew dispatch to your property!


Columbus restoration services for any water emergency!


And let’s be clear about flooding: anytime you have water in your property, you’ve got an emergency on your hands.  Luckily we have several crews on-call at all times.  That means we can dispatch the closest crew to your property the minute you call, and they can be there within 1 hour, usually much faster!

Let us provide immediate service now – just call!


We can offer you a free cost estimate for your water loss!


When you call we can dispatch a restoration crew to your flooded home or office to provide a free on-site estimate.  It gives you a chance to get to know our company, employees, and to get a better sense for the process.  It also gives our tech a chance to assess the amount of Columbus flood damage and provide an upfront cost quote!

Please call for a free on-site estimate!

How does our estimating process work?  We make it simple, fair & transparent.  We actually use Xactimate, the industry leading software provider for calculating insurance restoration services.

Here’s how it works:


Each employee is screened, drug tested, licensed & insured!


We’re committed to hiring the best candidates for the job and then making sure they have the proper skills, training & equipment to get your water cleanup & mitigation service done the right way.  It’s why we properly screen all new employees and continually train them & make sure they’re certified to do the work!

Our team consists of the best Columbus restoration techs in the field!


We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work!


Every job that we go to requires exceptional service and additional to detail.  If anything is overlooked in the water damage repair process, it can end up putting your home (and you) in danger.  It’s why we work so hard on each step of the process and guarantee that when we’re done you’ll be completely satisfied with our work!

You get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


Don’t pay upfront – let us bill insurance!


If you’re not sure whether or not your loss is covered under your homeowners insurance policy, give us a call!  Our staff works every day with adjusters from every major insurance company and we can help determine if you’re covered and then help with the claim if you decide to file.  In fact, we can just bill them!

Let our insurance specialists help you today!


We also remove raw sewage & repair the damage!


Have you experienced a Columbus sewer back-up?  If so, our team can help!  We clean sewage back-ups using industry protocol and advanced extraction and disinfecting equipment.  Our goal is safely and quickly repairing the effects of sewage in your home, so you can get back inside your property and move on with your life!

Call now and we’ll dispatch immediate help to your property!


Are you curious about the emergency restoration process?


You’re probably flying blind when it comes to knowing what is ahead of you and understanding how our Columbus Ohio water damage restoration contractors get your property fully restored.  If it’s a water loss, the video below walks you through the common process employed by our technicians.  While the water extraction equipment could vary depending on the surface areas affected and the drying systems could be different, this video shows you images of our technicians and explains what they’re doing during each of the 5 steps of the water damage restoration process:


How to approach the insurance claim process…


There’s a couple of things you need to know right off the bat when it comes to dealing with your insurance company after you’ve experienced water damage:

1) You don’t need a claim in order to begin the water mitigation process

2) Your adjuster can’t tell you what restoration company to use

3) You want an expert in your corner when dealing with your adjuster


The first point is important because it ends up hurting people.  Most call their insurance company and wait around for a claim number before actually dealing with the loss.  That is a recipe for disaster, especially given the speed in which black mold begins growing. Your first action is to call a certified water damage restoration company in Columbus to contain the water loss and begin the dry-out process ASAP!

contractor-customerThe second point is important because often times your adjuster will tell you what company to call.  That isn’t ethical but it happens all the time. What you should know about that arrangement is whatever restoration contractor they refer you to has already agreed to provide their services at a significant discount.  In other words, they’ll be the cheapest in town.  Since your insurer is usually paying the bill, that’s great for them…but let us ask you this: when is the last time you went with the cheapest contractor on the block and ended being really happy about it?

The third point is important because of the nature of insurance companies, specifically their need to generate profits and returns for their shareholders.  What does that mean for your water damage event?  Most likely they’ll look for reasons to try and not pay for services that are necessary.  You need a water damage company that is an expert in the field and understands how to speak with adjusters and how to present things in a way they’ll understand.  You need us on your side to make sure the end result is your home is returned to its pre-loss condition and that the insurance company pays for those services.


Will my loss be covered?


insurance-claim-formWhen water damage losses are covered under insurance, most people choose to file a claim. After all, you’ve been paying for insurance for all these years for events like this, so it’s silly not to use your policy for events it’s designed to protect you against. But first, you need to understand if your loss is covered. Generally speaking, losses are covered if they are a result of sudden water damage occurring within your property’s structure. Let’s break down that sentence further:


Is it from a gradual issue or a sudden event? While it might seem immaterial to you, it could be the difference between the loss being covered or not. Insurance typically covers sudden events, such as a pipe bursting, or a washing machine hose disconnecting, or any other type of loss that occurs quickly and sends water streaming into your home. But if the loss is due to a gradual leak, or another type of loss that occurred slowly over time, your insurer may deny your claim on the basis that the damage could have been prevented by regular maintenance.


Where did the water come from? If it came from outside, you’re probably not covered unless you have a separate flood insurance policy.  Water events like massive flooding where rain water or rising river water make their way into your home aren’t covered under a traditional homeowners insurance policy!

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