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flood-damage-companyActing quickly to restore your water, fire or flood damaged property will save you time and headaches! We specialize in providing emergency water restoration services quickly and at a fair price. We will be at your home or workplace within minutes and can begin the mitigation process immediately. Our Providence water damage restoration services are designed to get your property fully restored as quickly and as easily as possible, so call now for a free quote!


Emergency service – fast response time guarantee!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgNo matter what time you call, or where your property is in Rhode Island, we can dispatch at a moment’s notice and be at your home within minutes.  It’s just one of the ways we make getting emergency restoration services in Providence simple.  One call, and a certified & fully stocked crew is on the way!

60 minute or less response time!


Call and we can provide a free on-site price quote!


Free_EstimatesWe can always provide you with a free flood cleanup estimate upfront.  And we make understanding the process and costs easy.  We simply calculate the extent of damage, list the services and products needed, and then use the same estimating software that insurance adjuster use to determine the price.

Our rates are calculated by insurance-approved software!

Watch this video to learn about the Xactimate water damage estimate system and why it protects our customers from inflated rates:


Know the water damage cleanup process!


Part of our job is to communicate with you so that you feel comfortable with everything and you understand what we’re doing and can ask questions.  Here’s the general process that takes place when you’ve suffered a flood loss and need professional help:


Step 1 – Call us, not your insurance!


phone-sans-shadowToo many people waste valuable time in the mistaken belief they have to call their insurance company and have a claim number to begin the process.  Wrong!  You have to care of the immediate problem, which isn’t having a claim number, it’s getting the water damage contained and then fixed.

Get help first, then let us handle your claim.


Step 2 – We provide an insurance-approved estimate for free!


checklistI get the free estimate part, but what do you mean by ‘insurance-approved’ estimate.  By that we simply mean we use the same claims estimating software that your insurance company does.  We measure the damage, line item what needs to be done, then it calculates the rate as approved by insurers!

Always fair-price cost estimates, for free.


Step 3: We contain the loss!


Water Extraction CompaniesContaining the loss simply means making sure that no additional damage is done to your property.  The only way to do that is to get out as much of the water before it spreads and before it cause more extensive damage to places that are already wet.  We use high-powered equipment that can work on any surface.

We get water out fast.


Step 4: Mold prevention and drying!


cautionThere’s only one way to get the loss fully restored without getting black mold: move quickly to prevent the right environment for its growth.  We have to get the remaining moisture out of your property within a few days, but in the meantime, we apply an anti-microbial spray that temporarily halts its growth.

We make sure you don’t get mold.


Want to see water damage cleanup services in action?


When you’re in of emergency water mitigation services in Rhode Island, you’re usually not even sure what that entails.  In short, our job is to get your property back to its pre-loss condition and remove any threats of mold damage moving forward. To do that, we follow the IICRC‘s instructions as laid out by the S500 water damage restoration manual. To see what that looks like, watch the video below…


Important things to consider about your insurance claim…


insurance-claim-formClaims can be a challenge, and especially so if you don’t have a Providence Rhode Island water damage company that is on your side doing everything within their power to make sure it’s handled correctly and the insurance company honors its obligations to you. We hate when claims get messy, because the reality is it doesn’t need to happen as long as you take the right precautions. Here are some things you should know upfront if you’re planning on filing a Providence water damage loss claim:


Your insurer might refer you to a certain water mitigation company.

You do not have to use that company, and many times if you do it can come back to haunt you.  Why?  Because they were referred because they have an agreement to drastically discount their services (in exchange for continual referrals). You probably have made the mistake of hiring the cheapest company in town before…do you really want to do it again, especially when your insurance company is picking up the tab for the water damage restoration services?


Your adjuster might balk at the claim amount.

Let’s be upfront about one thing: insurance companies exist to generate profits, and the best way to prop up their bottom line is reduce the amount of claims they payout. Your insurance adjuster will be looking for as many opportunities as possible to reduce the amount they payout on your water damage repair project. So how do you make sure you get your home back to its pre-loss condition and that it’s paid in full by your insurer? You hire a Providence water damage contractor that has years of experience working directly with adjusters and can communicate effectively with them so that they understand the work that is required and the cost associated with all work. That is us!


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