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home-water-damage-restorationFrom flooding damage due to torrential downpours to one room water damage losses due to a leaky pipe, we are here to help you get your property dry fast. We can help residential customers with small losses as well as commercial clients such as hotels, hospitals, retail stores, and schools! No matter what type of water damage you have, please give us a call and allow us the opportunity to assist you throughout the water damage restoration process. We’ve mitigated thousands of water losses so we have the experience you need to recover from your loss quickly!


Why is our Tyler water damage service your best option?


While you have many options for water damage companies, in our humble we are the right choice. Why are we so confident of that? Over the years we have worked hard to understand what our customers need in their time of need, and have molded our flood cleanup services to answer those needs.  Here are some of the things we’ve identified as huge needs for our customers and what we’ve done to address them:


Customers need assurances they’re getting a good price.

Free water damage restoration estimateMany people worry that a water damage company in Tyler will take advantage of them in their time of need. It’s not really an unfounded worry, because there are plenty out there that will. So how do you know we don’t charge unreasonable rates? When you get a free cost estimate for water damage from us, the price you’re quoted is the same price your insurance adjuster will offer. How do we know that? We use the same estimating system they do, so you know the price is always fair!

The system we use and that all insurance adjusters use is called Xactimate. It works by accurately calculating the rates for anything they may be required based on what insurers will pay out. In other words, we just plug into the system what needs to be done and Xactimate tells us what we can charge based on what your adjuster will pay out. Watch this video to understand how costs are determined when you need emergency water damage services.


Customers need to know they are safe.

checklistOne thing we’ve learned about home water damage is the sense of vulnerability it can create in homeowners. It’s not surprising, seeing your home and possessions get ruined can feel helpless. But we can’t provide for your safety unless we’re able to assure the people working on your project are reputable. It’s why all of our technicians, before they are offered a job, must pass a complete criminal background screening. They must also submit to and pass drug and alcohol tests that are administered at random during their employment.


Customers deserve to know water damage services will work.

Water damage repair satisfaction guaranteeSadly it’s never a given, especially with the number of fly-by-night Tyler water damage contractors that are out there, promising the world but barely able to deliver anything of value. We see it happen quite often, where someone hires a bad company and they end up with even bigger problems on their hands after the supposed water damage services have been completed. So how can be certain our water cleanup services are performed the right way?

() Our technicians are fully certified by the IICRC

() We use only the latest equipment & properly maintain each system to perform at its optimum levels.

() We follow all industry-approved standards and protocols throughout the water mitigation process.

When you employ the best people, use the best equipment, and then follow the best procedures, it only stands to reason that the outcomes will be superb. It’s something we guarantee on every water damage project we service: the work will be done right and the customer will be 100% satisfied!

Want to see what reliable emergency water damage services in Tyler look like? Watch our short video! We explain the basic steps taken during most water mitigation losses. It’s important to understand, though, that every job will be unique and require a customized plan to get fully restored!


Customers need help with their water damage insurance claim.

We handle water damage cleanup insurance claimsSome realize that, and others just assume their insurer will do right by them. Regardless of where you stand, we want to make something perfectly clear: the best way to ensure your insurance claim is handled correctly is to hire an independent water damage company that will work directly with your adjuster and someone that has experience getting successful claim outcomes for their customers. If you call your adjuster and assume they’ll take care of you, you’re rolling the dice and could end up pretty upset.


Customers need to know their home won’t get mold damage.

prevent-mold-water-damageBlack mold damage is the biggest threat to a water damaged home. It’s so pervasive it will assuredly take over any home that doesn’t have its moisture problem addressed immediately. We see properties all the time where another Tyler water damage service came in and performed services an a couple of weeks later the owners start seeing mold. That won’t happen with us because we make sure we properly dry out the property. This completely removes the conditions mold needs to thrive.


If you have residential or commercial water damage in your property, we hope you will give us the chance to offer assistance. The first step is giving us a call and letting us perform a complete damage assessment on the property. It’s a chance for us to not only survey the scene and understand what needs to be done, but also for you to get to know our company and ask questions of us. We would love that chance to get to know you and hope that you’ll give us a call. We can have a water damage team onsite within 60 minutes of your call!

Each day, Tyler properties experience a disaster. And when it happens, Tyler residents and businesses count on us to get their property restored. So if you are in Tyler and find yourself dealing with a flooded basement or other water damage issue, please call us now for immediate help!

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