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Not sure where to turn if you’re dealing with a flood emergency in Boulder? If so, please call us now! We offer Boulder residents and businesses turnkey water damage restoration services that get you back on your feet fast. No matter how big or small, our Boulder restoration companies can quickly and cost-effectively restore your flooded home or office!  So why wait?  Call us now for a completely free estimate!


We cleanup flood damaged properties quickly!


It’s always best to call a certified restoration company in Boulder if you’ve experienced a flood.  And the sooner that call takes place, the easier and quicker it will be to get your home restored!  We offer 24/7 emergency water & flood damage restoration services!

Call us now & we’ll be there within 60 minutes or less!


Want to see what our emergency water restoration services look like? Watch the video below. When you call RestorationEze, you can rest easy the work will be performed according to IICRC standards and that we will never cut corners or use shoddy techniques or out-dated equipment!


We give prices upfront & estimates are always free!


Some restoration companies will quote one price and then end up charging another.  Or others will charge you just to come out and look at the flooding.  Not us…call today and we’ll send out a tech for free and give you a free restoration estimate!

Call us for a no obligation cost estimate!


One of the things our customers appreciate most about our service is the transparent nature of our estimates. We’ve streamlined the process so that our customers have full visibility into exactly what needs to be done to repair the water damage as well as the exact costs for each step we anticipate. And our costs aren’t any different than the costs your insurance company has already agreed to! That’s right, we use the same pricing as your adjuster does…watch this video to see how we derive the costs for your water mitigation service needs:


Choose us & you’ll get guaranteed restoration services!


What’s in a guarantee?  We like to think comfort of mind.  It’s a promise to you that the restoration services will be done correctly and to your complete satisfaction.  We don’t consider our work done until you do, and that means you’re satisfied!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


How does my insurance policy come into play?


insurance-claim-formMost people, when faced with a water damage event that is covered under insurance, choose to file a claim. It’s no surprise, as the average cost of water damage restoration services is about $2,700. But what’s covered?

Generally speaking, if you have homeowners insurance you are covered for sudden water loss events that happen within your home. Events such as a water pipe bursting, a hose connected to an appliance disconnecting or leaking, or even when someone in the home leaves a faucet running and it overflows. What usually isn’t covered is when water from outside makes it’s way into your home. For that, you would need flooding insurance.


If you think you’re going to file a claim, call us first! Why?

cautionThere are some conflicts of interest you need to be aware of when it comes to dealing with your adjuster. Namely, they want your claim amount to be as small as possible, regardless of the actual cost it will take to repair your water damaged home. That can result in a couple of things that might be bad for you:


1) They may refer you to a company that is “in bed” with the insurance company. In fact, it’s more than likely they are going to tell you to call a particular company. This isn’t legal but it happens all the time. Why do they want you to call that restoration company? Because that franchise has agreed to make the claim much smaller than it probably should be. In other words, your loss may be legitimately a $10,000 job, but they’ll only charge $5,000 to the insurer. What about the extra $5,000 worth of work? They’ll look for shortcuts or ways to not do it. It almost always involves not following the proper standards set-forth within our industry, and often times will mean problems for you after they’ve left.

2) They may not properly calculate your loss. Some people assume that the first thing they do is call their adjuster and wait for them to come out, assess the loss, then cut a check for what they think it will cost to restore the water damage. If you go this route, it’s pretty much inevitable there is going to be a discrepancy between the check they cut and the actual cost of the work to do it properly. First, adjusters aren’t water damage restoration professionals, so while they may have some insight into the process, they do not know everything that needs to be done to properly mitigate your loss. Second, they’re incentivized to make the claim smaller than it should be!


contractor-customerSo what does that mean for you? It means that if you assume your adjuster is going to do the right thing and make you whole, you’re in for a rude awakening. It also means you need to call a Boulder water damage company that knows you are the customer and will work diligently and aggressively if necessary on your behalf with your adjuster to make sure they pay out the right amount for the work required!


Here’s just some of the emergency restoration services we offer:


Water Damage Restoration


We offer complete water damage restoration services, meaning we can perform the mitigation and drying services as well as any repair or reconstruction services that need to be done once we’ve extracted the water and dried things out!

Click here to learn more about our water damage services


Flood Damage Cleanup & Repair


Whether from snow melt, heavy rains, or something from inside your property, we specialize in rapid flood damage restoration services designed to quickly, cost-effectively, and non-intrusively get your flood damaged property restored!

Click here to learn more about our flood restoration services


Water Cleanup & Removal


We consider our specialty to be water mitigation services.  In the industry, that’s just a fancy way to say that we dry out wet houses.  So if you have standing water in your basement or anywhere on your property, we’ll get it out & dry everything fast!

Click here to learn more about our water extraction services

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