Water Damage Fort Myers

Our Fort Myers restoration company is available when you’re dealing with any water, fire or flood crisis. Whether you need emergency water mitigation services or complete flood damage restoration service, call us anytime day or night to get immediate help!  Our crews are always on-call and can provide an immediate emergency response as well as a free estimate for any work that needs to be done!


When you need it cleaned up fast – call us!


In sports, they say that ‘speed kills’ and that’s true when it comes to repairing flood damage.  For us, speed is important because it kills any chance mold has of growing in your property, and prevents you from dealing with structural damage.  It’s why we always respond within 6o minutes to your call!

We offer fast & reliable emergency restoration services!


When you need affordable service & a free estimate – call us!


We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and your business and would be happy to provide you with a free water damage restoration estimate for our services.  We can outline what we see, the extent of damage, and our restoration plan, as well as the costs associated with our services!

There’s no obligation – just a free, upfront estimate!


And best of all, you know the price you are quoted for any emergency restoration services is fair and competitive.  How can we say that?  We calculate all of our water damage repair estimates using Xactimate, which is the software that adjusters use when pricing what they will reimburse for mitigation services.  Here’s how it works:


When you need guaranteed cleanup services – call us!


All of our water cleanup & restoration services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  Simply put, we’re not done until you say so.  That means we have to work hard through every phase of the process to make sure you’re completely happy with our service or we’ haven’t done our job!

Have confidence knowing the job will be done correctly!


When you need help with your insurer – call us!


Most of the jobs we’re called to are covered by the insurance company.  While that isn’t always the case, if your loss is covered, we can help.  Whether it’s cleaning up sewage or extracting & drying a flooded property, if the loss is covered we can help settle your claim fast.

Not only that, but we can just bill the insurance company!


When you need a certified restoration contractor – call us!


There’s a host of certifications that are crucial to effective water & flood damage restoration services.  Our restoration company in Ft Myers has all of the necessary certifications and each technician undergoes background screening & drug testing, so you know the person is responsible and knows what they’re doing!

Don’t call the wrong company – choose us & consider it done!


What to expect from a professional restoration company…


Most people are in the dark as to what the water damage cleanup process looks like, what type of equipment is involved, etc.  We like to make sure our customers remain educated and kept in the loop throughout each step of the process.  After all, it’s your house, and you need to be confident it’s being mitigated properly.

The video below outlines the 5 basic steps taken when your property requires professional water mitigation services:


We also mitigate mold damage!


mold-sporesToxic black mold is not something that should be treated lightly.  We not only repair water damaged properties, but we also have certified mold removal specialists on our staff that can properly treat mold damage and make sure you’re mold free.  Our mold remediation services are also guaranteed to be done right every time!

If you have black mold, please call for a free assessment!


Who’s fighting for who?  Know your rights as a homeowner!


So you’ve suffered water damage and need to get things fixed and move on.  As you probably know, your property is likely insured under this event, meaning you’ll want your insurance company to pay for the water mitigation services as well as the reconstruction costs.  Since there are 3 parties involved (the restoration company doing the work, the insurer paying for the work, and you) it can sometimes be confusing knowing who has what role to play in all of this.  So let’s break down a few misconceptions and make sure you understand your rights as a homeowner…


Your restoration company vs. your insurer’s restoration company

Most of the time, if you call your adjuster to file a claim and begin the process (please note, calling your insurer should NOT be your first move…more on that below) they will refer you to their water damage repair company.  Many homeowners think they have to use this company and that is dead wrong.  It is your home, and like any other service you might want on your home, it’s ultimately up to you to decide who provides that service. So who do you want mitigating water damage and repairing your home?  A company that has an agreement with your insurer to provide their services at the cheapest possible costs or a company that is working for you, not the insurance company, to make sure your home receives the best possible water restoration services?


Your first call: insurer or water damage contractor?

Let’s ask it another way: who will stop the water damage and clean up the mess, your insurer or an emergency water mitigation company?  The answer is obvious, but most people assume they have to call their insurance company and wait on a claim number. You do not have to do this…in fact, we always encourage people to wait until the water mitigation process has begun before even worrying about the insurance claim.  The first priority on any loss is stopping the damage.  That means containing and extracting the water and beginning the drying process before mold damage occurs.

If you wait and call your adjuster, it could be days before they assess the loss or refer you to their water damage contractor.  That’s valuable time that is being wasted and ultimately it’s just going to mean bigger headaches for you!


Your deductible

Your deductible can range from $500 to a percentage of your home’s value.  Feel free to call us and our insurance specialists can help you determine what your deductible is, and if possible, we will try and work with you on your deductible so that our water damage cleanup services in Ft Myers don’t break your bank!


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