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Do you live in the Boise area and find yourself dealing with a disaster like a basement flood or sewage back-up? If so, we offer professional Boise water restoration services and are available when you need help. Our water cleanup and restoration services are designed to get your property dry as fast as possible and with as little disruption to you as possible! Of course, we always offer you a free estimate, so if you would like to find out how much our services cost and learn more about our company, please call us today!


Need help quick?  We offer 24/7 immediate response times!


Don’t get stuck waiting for a restoration company in Boise that takes their sweet time getting to your flood.  You simply can’t afford to wait around when it comes to dealing with water damage restoration.  It’s why we always answer your phone call and we can send out the closest mitigation crew to your property!


Need an estimate?  We’ll come out for free & give you one!


Costs for flooding restoration are dependent upon many variables.  As such, it’s not possible for us to give you a quote over the phone or even a ballpark that would be of any value to you.  So what we do is send out a technician that can walk your property and take full inventory of the work necessary, at which point he’ll provide you with a free quote!


Need assurances?  We offer the best warranty in the business!


What’s peace of mind worth to you?  When it comes to your home, and making sure your family is safe, probably a lot.  But when it comes to our basement flood services, it’s free!  Anytime you choose us to cleanup your flood damage, the service is backed by a full warranty on labor for one year!  It gives you the confidence knowing we’re serious about getting the job done right!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Boise area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We cleanup sewage damage & make sure your property is safe!


We can handle even the messiest situations…while sewer back-ups are rare, when there is raw sewage damage in your property, you’re faced with a serious situation.  Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s something you can do on your own.  Sewage removal should always be done by professionals.  So call us now and we’ll come out and give you a free estimate to extract sewage from your home and make sure everything is properly disinfected.


Don’t pay out of pocket – we’ll bill insurance!


Sometimes the greatest service we can provide for our customers, outside of the obvious job of restoring their flood damaged property, is helping deal with the insurance company.  Adjusters can sometimes be a lot to handle, especially when you’re already stressed out.  But we’re happy to take that burden off your hands and can work through your loss directly with them.

If it’s easier on you, we can bill them directly for our work!


Answers to your most common questions…


We get a lot of questions and consider that a good thing.  People need to know what they’re up against and need to get answers that allow them to feel comfortable about the water damage restoration process.  Here’s some common questions we get from people right off the bat:


Will I need an insurance claim number first?


No.  An insurance claim may be filed, but we do not need a claim number to begin work. In fact, waiting for a claim number means valuable time is lost and even more water damage will occur.  So as a rule of thumb, any time you walk into flooding damage, call a certified water damage company that can contain the loss and begin drying the property. If you delay there is a very real chance you will get black mold, at which point your insurer may deny the claim!


Will my adjuster choose the company to do the work?


Only if you let them.  And should you choose to go with the restoration contractor they refer you to, please be aware that contractor is only going to charge them a fraction of the actual cost to properly repair water damage.  That’s their agreement: I’ll offer my services as extremely low rates if you send business my way.  In our minds, that doesn’t sound like a good deal for you, the customer.  Personally, we’ve never had a lot of luck when hiring the cheapest guy in town, so don’t expect top-flight service at cut rate prices.

Remember, you decide what water mitigation company you are going to hire and your insurer is obligated to work with that provider throughout the claim.  So go with the company that you feel confident with, not the company your insurer tells you to call!


How is a cost determined for the water loss?


The costs for water damage restoration services are determined by your insurance company, not us.  We simply determine what needs to be done and catalogue everything into a 3rd party system called Xactimate and it tallies the costs according to what insurers will reimburse.

Watch this video to learn more:


Will my house get mold if I don’t deal with this immediately?


Yes.  Mold will grow within about 48 hours of your loss and will continue growing until the conditions for its survival are removed.  That means you don’t have much time to get the water damage mitigated before you have mold damage.

And if you think you’ve got the chops to dry out your structure properly and prevent mold, we really hope you’ll reconsider.  There’s a host of reasons homeowners should not be cleaning up water damage, but chief among them is their inability to actually properly diagnose the loss.  By that we mean you can’t actually see most of the damage.

Take a look at the image below:



On the left is what this bathroom wall looks like to the human eye.  It looks good to us! Sadly, the real picture is on the right.  It’s taken using a thermal imaging camera that shows the temperature differences of the wall.  Cooler temperatures mean elevated moisture levels, and elevated moisture levels mean big problems.  If you didn’t know this wall was wet you’d be inclined to leave it alone and you would end up with black mold!


How does our Boise water damage service work?


If you’ve never had to hire a water damage mitigation company (and we hope you haven’t), you’re probably not familiar with how the process works.  Watch the video below to get a basic understanding of the various steps used when cleaning up flooding damage:

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