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If your property has sustained water damage and you live in the Boston area, our professional water restoration company is here to assist you in your time of need. Call anytime, day or night, and we’ll dispatch a crew to immediately begin the process of drying up and restoring your property.  If you call now, we’ll provide you with a completely free estimate for our services, which are always backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a 1 year warranty!


Do you need emergency restoration service?  We’re here 24/7!


When it comes to cleaning up water damage in Boston and the surrounding areas, no one does it faster or better than us.  We make sure crews are on-call and scattered throughout the area around-the-clock so that we can quickly get to your property when you call.  If it’s emergency service that you need, please call us!

When time is crucial, we’re the right call!


Do you need an estimate?  Call for a free one!


Boston flood repair companies like us have to earn your business.  You have choices, and we understand that and would only ask for the opportunity to show you what has made us a trusted restoration company for so many years.  So give us a call and we’ll provide a free on-site survey and estimate for you!

We give you a price upfront for any work necessary!

And you can trust our estimate is fair and will never be rejected from your insurer!  How?  We use the same system your adjuster will use to price the claim, meaning our rates for all insurance repairs and restoration services is always a fair and competitive price.  Here’s a quick video explaining the process…


Do you need peace of mind?  We guarantee your satisfaction!


We know how terrifying a basement flood, or any other type of water loss can be.  Seeing your property sustain damage and not knowing when it will get repaired and if the work will be done right.  So to help give you comfort, we always guarantee our customers’ satisfaction on every job we perform.

Choose us and you’re guaranteed to be satisfied!


Do you need help with insurance?  We can bill them!


If it’s the case your water loss is covered under insurance and you plan on filing a claim to have them pay for our water extraction services, we can help in 2 ways.  We can either help make sure your claim is reimbursed to you quickly or we can simply send the bill directly to the insurance company!

Let us know how we can help with your claim!


Drug tested – background screened – certified – insured – licensed!


We’re serious about your safety and the safety of your home.  It’s why every employee undergoes thorough screening and drug-testing and is completely trained and certified to clean sewage back-ups and any other type of flood event you have.  If we wouldn’t want them working in our home, they won’t be in yours!

Friendly, trained technicians are at your call!


Answers to some commonly asked questions!


How long does it take for mold to grow?


black-moldNot long.  In fact, it can take hold in just a couple of days.  In the restoration service industry, we call it the mold threshold and if you pass it, there’s usually going to be a much more intensive (and costly) remediation process in store.  Because mold exists naturally in any environment, it’s always lying in wait for the right opportunity to thrive. Unfortunately, a flooded basement or wet walls give it that chance.

If you have a structure that is wet, it’s imperative that you call RestorationEze today in order to mitigate the loss and get the structure dry before black mold grows!


Will my insurance company pay for the loss?


Usually we can file a successful claim for our customers.  In some cases, especially those where the water comes in from the outside in the form of storm water or melted snow water, it isn’t covered (unless you have flood insurance).

Flooding DishwasherCovered water losses are typically due to something within the home or business structure malfunctioning.  What can that be?

  • frozen & busted pipes
  • backed-up sewer lines
  • refrigerator water line disconnecting
  • washing machine hose disconnecting
  • water heater leaking
  • toilet overflowing
  • sink overflowing
  • dishwasher malfunctioning
  • and many more…

This article gives you a top level breakdown of scenarios you might experience when it comes to water damage and what you can expect from your insurer.


Do I need to file a claim first before calling you?


You do not need a claim number in order to begin the process of getting your home or office dry and repaired.  In fact, should you decide to wait on your insurer you’re only going to end up costing them more money in the long run.  Why?  Because the longer your property sits soaking wet, the greater the damage is done and the more likely you are to need professional mold removal services which are very costly.

So don’t wait for a claim…that can be taken care of in due time.  For now, call RestorationEze and get a free onsite cost estimate for any Boston water mitigation services you may need! While every insurance company is different, Amerprise outlines the common procedures to take when filing a water damage claim.


Do you handle commercial water losses?

Absolutely.  We have an entire division committed to Boston commercial water damage emergencies so just give us a call and we can assist you with the proper response team!


How does the water restoration & cleanup process work?


The first hard and fast rule is that every job is unique.  The amount of time it takes to mitigate the loss, the equipment used, the surfaces that can be salvaged, etc. will all vary based on the loss itself.  That said, there are some steps you can expect during water damage service and we’ve created the video below to help you understand what those steps are:


How are water damage losses classified?


The IICRC releases an annual guide for proper water damage mitigation procedures called the S500.  According to the S500, there are 3 categories of water damage and 4 classifications.  Let’s delve into each:


Classifications of Water Damage

There are 4 classifications for water damage and they are based on the rate at which moisture evaporates from the property.  In other words, the higher the classification the longer it will take to cleanup water damage in Boston and get your property dry, and the higher the cost will be to mitigate the loss.

Class 1 – refers to standing water that has not yet penetrated the surface.  This represents the easiest type of water damage to dry out.

Class 2 – refers to standing water that is roughly 1 to 2 feet in depth and has soaked the ground, carpets, and drywall.

Class 3 – refers to a fully saturated surfaces with a very slow evaporation rate in which the water damage came from overhead.  An example would be if you had a toilet overflow on the second floor of your home that sent water through the floor and through the ceiling of the first floor, soaking virtually everything in its way.

Class 4 – refers to Boston water damage to surfaces with a very low porosity.  This can include hardwood flooring, stone, concrete, etc.  In these instances, the drying times are considerably longer and require special drying equipment to fully mitigate the loss.


Water Loss Categories

There are also 3 categories of water damage that help us quantify the health risks of the actual water that has permeated your property.  The breakdown accordingly:

Category 1 – refers to water damage from a sanitary source, meaning clean water from a supply line in your house.  Think of a bath tub overflowing or a water line bursting in the wall.  With this type of loss, there is no health risk due to contamination.

Category 2 – refers to a situation where these is some risk of a person getting sick from contamination should the person inhale or ingest pathogens within the water.  This could be something like your washing machine overflowing and causing water damage to your kitchen (the water may contain soaps or other chemicals that can cause you to get sick) or  a toilet bowl overflowing.

Category 3 – refers to water damage that poses a severe risk of making you sick.  This can include everything from a sewage back-up to flood water entering your property after having passed over or through the ground and bringing with it pesticides or other chemicals.


Are there public resources available to help me?


If you’re in a situation where you have water damage and aren’t sure where to turn, we hope you find our web site to have a lot helpful information for you.  Of course, there are other resources, too.  Here are some that may be helpful for you at this time:

Does my property lie in a flood hazard zone?

What can I do to protect against & prepare for flooding?

What efforts are being taken to protect against coastal flooding?

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