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flood-damage-companyWhen it comes to providing fast, affordable, insurance-approved water & flood restoration services, nobody does it better than us. We specialize in emergency insurance repairs and can handle any water loss you might have experienced. With dozens of crews, hundreds of certified technicians, and thousands of equipment systems, we’re capable of quickly and effectively responding to your emergency. Please give us a call if you’d like a free estimate!


Reliable restoration service at a fair price!


Free_EstimatesOur estimates are always free.

We will need to inspect the property personally in order to fully assess your loss.  Our technicians measure the amount of area affected as well as everything required to fully complete the Trenton water damage restoration process, at which point our estimating software calculates the total cost of any services required.


calculatorOur rates are always fair.

“Well yeah, you think they’re fair…but how do I know?”  We offer standard pricing that is ultimately determined by homeowners insurance companies.  Our estimating software, which is called Xactimate, calculates total cost based off of commonly accepted reimbursement rates given by insurers.  So you know the price you are quoted is fair.


The estimating process when it comes to water damage restoration services is a lot more cut and dry than you might think. Unlike other industries where the service providers can decide what they want to charge, resulting in huge differences in prices between companies, in our industry we all use the same pricing structure. Why? Because most of our work is covered by insurance companies and they have established acceptable prices for any service we do. Watch the video below to see what that means for you and learn more about the estimating process in general through RestorationEze:


We get the job done the right way!


CertificateIconCertified service from trained professionals.

Some Trenton restoration companies will sub out their work to contractors, others simply don’t offer the appropriate amount of training to their full-time staff.  We only use in-house technicians and make sure they have undergone the proper training & are certified to cleanup flood damage at your property.


satisfaction-guaranteeSatisfaction guarantee.

Whether it’s sewage cleanup or basement flooding that you need help with, we provide you with the same assurance: that the work we do will be completed to your satisfaction.  Upon job completion, we walk the property with you to make sure you are fully satisfied, and only then do we consider it a job well done!


iicrc-logoGetting the job done right means doing things according to the strict standards set forth by the IICRC. The IICRC is the certifying entity within our industry, responsible for training and certifying technicians in all manners of the the restoration business. Many water damage companies in Trenton don’t even bother having their technicians certified, and the results can be disastrous. In fact, it’s not unusual for us to field a call from a customer who hired a different water restoration contractor only to realize they didn’t do a good job. The start to notice there are problems when they see their floors start to buckle and/or notice black mold growing on  their walls. By then, the situation is bad for a number of reasons. Most importantly, the black mold can make you sick and your insurance probably isn’t going to pay to fix the mess.

How do you avoid this scenario? It’s easy: hire us to cleanup water damage in your property! Here’s a quick video explaining how we mitigate water losses and make sure our customers never have to experience problems after we’ve left:


The Mold Problem – Know What You’re Up Against!


black-mold-wet-basementMost customers don’t realize this, but every home has some mold in it. At low levels, it exists naturally in virtually environment, including your home. It only becomes a problem when the spore count rises. That’s only possible if it has food (your walls, floors, carpets, cabinets, and any other organic surfaces), water, and time. You’ll notice the food is always there, the only thing you can control is the water and time. It doesn’t take much extra moisture for mold to begin a feeding frenzy. And when it comes to time, it only needs 72 hours.


We guarantee a mold-safe environment!


mold-free-guaranteeThe only way to ensure home water damage doesn’t become a mold problem is to quickly and effectively remove the moisture. Many water damage companies fail at this task for any number of reasons, chief among them is they either don’t initially assess the loss correctly and miss moisture spots, they don’t apply an anti-microbial before the drying phase, or they don’t dry the property properly. At RestorationEze, we guarantee that once we’ve completed the water mitigation process your home will pass any 3rd party mold tests you wish to have done!


Water damage and your insurance claim – avoid the pitfalls!


We are experts when it comes to helping our customers with their insurance claim. Many don’t realize that there can be challenges along the way when it comes to dealing with an adjuster. Some people assume their adjuster is always on their side and will take care of them when it comes to their claim. It’s not unusual for them to learn the hard way that isn’t always the case. When it comes to water damage claims, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind:

insurance-claim-form– You always want to hire an independent Trenton water restoration company. Why? Because you want an expert that is on your side, not ‘in bed’ with your adjuster. Often times restoration companies will have handshake agreements with adjuster to reduce the cost of any work the adjuster sends them. Because they cap the amount of money they can make on the claim, they usually try and find ways to cut corners when it comes to actually cleaning up water damage. That’s when mistakes happen that can put you in jeopardy!

– You always want to have a certified water damage contractor assess the loss immediately. You don’t have to have an open claim or have your adjuster survey the loss before getting help. Make sure you protect your home and call us so that we can help get the process started and then work directly with your adjuster through the claims process!

Our Trenton restoration professionals are available when you’re dealing with any crisis. Whether you need Trenton emergency water extraction services or any other flood damage restoration service, call our Trenton restoration crews 24/7 to get immediate help!

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