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Do you live in Louisville and are dealing with a disaster like a house flood or sewer line back-up? If so, we have Louisville restoration crews available when you need us and can immediately respond to your emergency. No matter how big or small your water restoration needs are, our technicians can get you back on your feet quickly. So if need restoration services you can count on, please gives us a call today for a completely free on-site estimate!


Why we’re the #1 restoration company in Louisville:


60 minute response time to any emergency!


When it comes to emergencies like sewer back-ups or home flooding, the company you call should always be able to respond immediately.  We offer fast flood restoration services and can dispatch the closest available crew to your property so that you’re not stuck waiting around while your property sustains further damage!


No non-sense pricing & free cost estimates!


Unlike some water damage companies in Louisville, we don’t think it’s good business to charge inflated rates just because you find yourself in a bind.  In fact, our rates are very straightforward…they’re determined by Xactimate, which is the same claims software used by your insurance adjuster!  That means the free estimate we offer is a fair price!


Guaranteed service & the best warranties in the industry!


When you call our sewage cleanup company you know you’re picking someone that will get the job done right.  In fact, any service we perform, whether it’s cleaning up sewage or extracting water from anywhere in your property, comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee & a full year warranty on the labor that we perform!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Louisville area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



When it comes to filing an insurance claim, we make it easy!


Most homes or businesses that have sustained flooding damage or covered by insurance.  Of course, some losses aren’t, and it’s always important that you check your policy so that you know what is and isn’t covered.

But in the case your water loss is covered and you’re filing a claim, we can help!  We have relationships with all major insurers and have staff readily available to assist with your claim.

In fact, we can bill your insurance company directly!


We make sure you get the right price from our estimate!


When you get an estimate, how do you know whether or not it’s fair?  You need to get the work done immediately or else the costs will go up, but how do you know the rate isn’t way overpriced?  With a lot of Louisville water damage contractors, you don’t.  But with RestorationEze, you’re assured a fair cost based on what insurance company will reimburse.  That’s because we use Xactimate to estimate your loss.  Watch this video to learn how the country’s leading insurance claim estimating software guarantees you a fair and reasonable rate for whatever water damage mitigation services you need!


When work begins, what should you expect?


Once we arrive it can seem a little overwhelming.  The amount of equipment coming in and out of your home, along with the crews necessary to man that equipment, can make it feel like a complete zoo.  Believe it or not, there is a method to our madness.  While professional water damage restoration services can take a thousand different forms, most jobs can boiled down to a few key steps, which we outline in the video below:


Still have questions?  We have answers!


Hopefully our site helps you at least get a better sense for what to expect and why we feel we are the right choice for water damage services in Louisville.  But if you have additional questions, please call and let’s make sure you get the answers you need to make the right decisions for your situation.  In the meantime, here’s some common questions new customers ask us:


How do I find out if a company is certified by the IICRC?

We always recommend that whoever you choose for your water damage mitigation services, you choose a company that has been certified by the IICRC.  You can check their site here.


How do I know if I have mold?

If the flooding damage occurred more than 72 hours ago, chances are you already have mold.  Typically a visual inspection by a certified water restoration technician will be able to confirm whether or not you have mold.  Once we’ve completed our work, we guarantee you won’t have mold and you’re able to get 3rd party environmental tests to confirm such!


Will I need to leave my home during the process?

It depends on what areas of your home are effected.  If your kitchen sustained water damage and is inoperable, you may want to relocate.  Most jobs can be completed while the home is still occupied, but if it’s the case you have to leave your property, you’ll want to make sure you hold on to all of the receipts from any hotel or lodging costs you incur so that you can make sure those are reimbursed when you file your claim.


Will my insurer even cover the costs of the water damage repairs?

costs of restorationMost likely the answer is yes, but you’ll need to read your policy to know for sure.  Most policies cover water damage from systems within the home’s structure malfunctioning. Things like a dishwasher overflowing, a washing machine hose coming loose, or a water heater leaking should be covered.

Occasionally an adjuster will attempt to claim that you were at fault for the loss due to not properly maintaining the system that malfunctioned.  When it comes to claims, you always want an experienced, reliable Louisville water damage restoration service to assess the loss and advocate for you and work with your adjuster!

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