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flood-damage-companyRestoring water damaged properties is what we’ve done for over 2 decades. When it comes to providing effective, fast, & affordable service, we are the right call! From our free on-site water damage assessment and estimate to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we aim to provide the highest level of service in the industry each and every time. So if you’ve suffered a water loss in your home or commercial building, we hope you’ll give us the chance to repair water damage and help get your life back to normal!


When it requires the pros, call us!


Any amount of water damage should always be mitigated by a professional water restoration company in Louisville.  The reason is two-fold:


caution1) If all of the moisture is not identified and removed from the property, your home will end up with structural damage that puts it at risk of having the affected areas collapse on or around you.  It’s simply too dangerous to be left to chance or untrained people.

2) Mold.  If mold has enough time (48 hours), enough moisture, the right temperature, and organic food like your walls), it will start growing.  It’s that simple.  And if you develop black mold in your home, you’re facing a serious health risk and a massively expensive process to remove it.  It doesn’t have to happen, but unfortunately it happens to people who try to repair water damage themselves.


We respond immediately & get moisture out fast!


24-7-emergency-serviceOur focus is on providing an emergency response to every call we get, no matter when it comes in or where in the area the property is.  We have technicians and crews in fully-stocked trucks on-call & located throughout the metro area, allowing us to always respond immediately to your phone call!

Don’t wait for help – it costs you money!


We are affordable & our on-site estimates are free!


photo_free_estimatesSome people don’t realize that our water restoration prices are actually determined by insurance companies.  Since most losses are paid for by insurance, they ultimately decide what we can charge.  So when our crew assesses the loss and offers an estimate, it’s a fair price purely driven by insurance rates!

Call now and get your upfront estimate for free!


When a quote comes from one of our estimators, you know the price is based on the actual rates of reimbursement by insurers, not our own prices. How can you be certain? It’s in the process we use to estimate your home water damage loss along with the software that calculates the total cost of work necessary. Watch this video to understand what you can expect:


We offer insurance billing & claim’s assistance!


bill-directOne aspect of our water damage repair services that our customers appreciate the most is our ability to work directly with the adjuster(s) to make sure their claim goes smoothly.  We take on that responsibility so the customer doesn’t have to, and we work diligently to resolve any issues & get the claim settled.

We can even bill insurance for the work we do!


Call us & the work will be done to your satisfaction!


satisfaction-guaranteeIf you allow us to be your Louisville water damage company, it means you’re choosing someone that is serious about offering service that exceeds your expectations.  We are confident in our technicians ability to do the work correctly and to provide great customer service, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction!

We make sure it’s done right – guaranteed!


When you call RestorationEze, you can rest easy knowing the water damage repair process will be done according to the proper guidelines as set forth by the IICRC in their S5oo water damage restoration manual.  If you’re unsure what that process looks like, feel free to watch the video below to see how a professional Louisville water mitigation company gets water out and your property dry!


Protecting your Louisville property against water damage…


Protecting your home against water damage can significantly decrease your chances of suffering a devastating loss. Many of the homes we see affected could have been kept safe with some preventative measures and regular maintenance!


Maintain your appliances and water hoses!


washing-machine-hoses-water-damageYou might be surprised to know that the most common water damage event is caused by the water line running to your refrigerator coming loose and spilling water throughout your kitchen and adjoining rooms. The amount of water spewing out of that small line can be staggering.

Another common loss is the hoses servicing a washing machine coming loose. If you think a fridge water line can pump out a lot of water, it doesn’t hold a candle to what a disconnect washing machine line can do.

By routinely checking these lines and making sure they are properly attached, along with replacing your washing machine hoses every 5 years, you can usually prevent these very common loss scenarios.


Insulate attic plumbing pipes!


Insulate-plumbing-pipes-atticMany homes in our area have water heaters located in the attic or otherwise have plumbing pipes that run through it. Given that area of your home is not climate controlled, those pipes are exposed to the elements. And while deep freezes aren’t common, all it takes is one night of extreme cold weather to cause those pipes to freeze and send water streaming through your ceiling and flooding your entire home. The best way to protect yourself agains this type of loss is to make sure any pipes in your attic are well insulated!


Are you dealing with a flooded basement or water damaged property?  If so, we understand it can be a traumatic experience.  Our goal is to ensure our Louisville KY water damage restoration & water extraction professionals help get your life and property back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Everyday, homes and offices have water heater leak, pipes burst, or toilets clog and overflow.  And everyday, our Louisville KY flood cleanup professionals are standing by waiting to provide immediate help.

No matter how big or small the area affected is, our water mitigation company has the experience and equipment necessary to help get your property back to its original state.  We can provide immediate response 24/7 and provide a free estimate for any water extraction or water damage restoration services that might be required.  Our  technicians are fully insured, licensed & qualified to restore your property and possessions and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

So if you’ve experienced an emergency and need a Louisville KY water & flood damage restoration company you can trust, please call us now for a rapid response and free estimate!  We can be at your property within a half hour and begin helping you get back to normal immediately!

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