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Baltimore homes and offices sometimes experience water or flood emergencies, and when they do our Baltimore restoration company is here to help in your time of need. No matter how big or small, we offer complete flood damage cleanup services designed to get your property dry and safe and your life back to normal…fast!  So just give us a call for a rapid 24/7 emergency response & a free, upfront estimate for any restoration services you may be in need of!


Emergency water & flood restoration response – guaranteed!


Call anytime and you’ll always be connected with the closest water restoration crew on-call, and of course we can start heading to your property immediately.  When it comes to water extraction & mitigation, there’s simply no other way to do it.  It’s an emergency that requires an immediate response!

Don’t wait – call us for 24/7 fast response!


We always give you a free, upfront restoration estimate!


If you have standing water in your property and are trying to determine how much it will cost to get the water out and get your property dry, then we hope you’ll give us a call.  We offer completely free, no obligation water damage restoration estimates for residential & commercial customers throughout the Baltimore area!

No hassle, affordable rates & free estimates!


We make sure the work is done right – guaranteed!


Whether it’s cleaning sewage back-ups or extracting water from a flooded basement, we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the service you receive.  We train & certify all of our technicians and only use the best equipment, so we’re confident that you’ll be 100% happy with our service…in fact, we guarantee it!

Don’t end up getting cut-rate restoration service…call us!


We warranty our work as well so you have peace of mind!


All too often Baltimore restoration companies don’t stand behind their work.  When it comes to doing their job, they simply want to collect a check and move on the next wet home.  But with us, we make sure you’re protected should something go wrong within 1 year or service by offering a full 1 year warranty!

Why not pick us?  We stand behind our work!


What is an insurance-approved restoration service?


Being insurance approved means a couple of things for you as our customer.  First, it means we have the proper certifications and training to get the water mitigation work done properly.  But also, it means we can help with your insurance claim if you’re filing one.  We can even bill the insurance company directly for the project!

It means we can bill the insurer for our work – call now!


All technicians are screened, insured, & certified restoration pros!


Becoming a certified water damage restoration technician is a very exhaustive process of hands-on training and classroom study, as well as examination.  It ensures that the technician we send out as a firm grasp of the science behind our work and a mastery of the equipment used…it means you’re going to get great service!

Don’t end up choosing a fly-by-night restoration contractor!


Fair & honest prices for any emergency restoration service!


Our restoration contractors in Baltimore all use Xactimate to determine the costs of any work you might need done.  It means you get a fair price, guaranteed!  Here is how it works…



Learn about water damage in Baltimore…


Every job is unique and every service provider is different.  So how do you make the right decisions and ensure your water damaged home or office is restored to its original condition at a fair price?  You educate yourself!


How long do you have to get the mess cleaned up & dry?

Generally speaking, you have around 2-3 days after flooding damage before your property begins to breed black mold. The normal drying times for a professional water damage company is around 3-4 days, so you can see how slim the margin for error is.  If you wait, you will get mold and you’ll be likely to need some amount of mold remediation done on top of whatever water mitigation services are provided.


How do we cleanup water damage?

Strictly speaking, we follow whatever guidelines are set forth by the IICRC.  The IICRC puts out a water damage restoration manual annually called the S500.  It lays out the proper procedures for any and every scenario, and for us, it’s the Bible.  We refuse to do our work any other way, yet too many water mitigation companies in Baltimore have never even owned the S500, much less used its information to help their customers.

But if you’re curious, what the process usually entails, watch this short video:


How are insurance claims handled?

insurance-claim-formInsurance claims should be straightforward.  If there is any big issue, you can assume that either the water damage company or the insurance adjuster has made a mistake and that poor communication has played a role.  It doesn’t have to happen, and here’s why: Insurance companies and water mitigation services all use the same estimating/project coordination software to assess the loss and calculate the costs of the work.

In other words, when you get an estimate from us, what you’re essentially receiving is our best guess as to the work required (all costs are calculated by Xactimate according to insurance rates). But once work begins, we use the same system to catalogue every single thing we do and Xactimate calculates the cost.  So in terms of issues with pricing (and what your insurer agrees to reimburse), if they take issue with anything it’s usually because the service provider hasn’t clearly explained why the work must be done.

Some water mitigation contractors try to extract as much money out of each claim as possible and end up doing a lot of unnecessary work.  That’s a huge no-no in our business but something that happens all the time. We realize that’s a sure-fire way to get run out of the industry, and it’s simply not something we allow any of our water damage companies to do!

And even in the best case scenario where the water damage company you have hire does things ethically, your insurer still may balk. Here are some tips to get the most from your water damage claim. As you can see, there’s things you can do and obviously many things we can do as your service provider.


Preparing for Emergencies – What You Can Do!

emergency-preparedness-checklist-1024x682Emergencies can take many forms, and the best thing you can do is be prepared. While you can’t always prevent an emergency, you can take steps to lessen the likelihood of a water damage emergency or mitigate the effects should something happen. The city of Baltimore has a great checklist to help you prepare for snowstorms, flooding, or other natural disasters.

And here are some actual steps you can take while building/maintaining your home or business that will reduce the chances of your property sustaining flood damage. Should you see a water leak or main break, there’s a chance the water could end up damaging your home or someone else’s. It’s best to call the Dept of Public Works to report a water emergency!

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