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We offer affordable water extraction & cleanup services throughout the Baltimore area. Whether it’s a small amount of water in your basement or you manage a large commercial warehouse with a significant amount of standing water, we have the people, experience & equipment necessary to quickly extract water and dry your structure. With crews located throughout the area, we can respond immediately, arrive with a fully-stocked truck and can offer a free quote and begin work immediately if you choose!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Baltimore area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Water cleanup and drying services made simple!


Emergency water extraction services, 24/7!

With crews scattered throughout the area, we can effectively respond any time you need us to extract water from your property and begin the drying the process.  We can be there in less than 60 minutes and come fully prepared and with the necessary extraction equipment to begin work immediately!


Help with your insurance claim, including insurance-direct billing!

Filing a claim can sometimes be a tricky process, especially if you’ve never filed a water loss claim before.  So to help, we have staff members responsible for working with your adjuster to quickly settle your claim.  We can handle any hurdles that might pop up, and should you wish, we can even bill them directly!


How much does it cost to have you extract water from my home?


Determining how much it costs requires knowing what is need to cleanup the flooding and make sure your home is dry and free from the possibility of mold.  It’s impossible for us to say, as flood cleanup jobs can run from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on what is required.  Given this, we offer free estimates.  Our estimates are in writing and include the full scope of our services so there is never a surprise once we begin!


How long does it take to get my home back to normal?


Some jobs can be completed in a couple of days.  Others require a lot more work to be done.  Whether it’s longer drying times or needing to replace flood damaged areas that can not be saved, job times are purely driven by the amount of flooding, how long the flooding has been present, and what has been affected.  Upon completing our damage assessment, the technician will be able to provide you with a much better sense for how long it will take to get things cleaned up and dried out!


Are your technicians certified to cleanup water and properly dry out my property?


Yes.  You should never choose a company whose technicians aren’t certified to perform work.  Not only can it mean the work isn’t done correctly, it can also jeopardize your insurance claim settlement.  Our techs are certified to cleanup water damage and properly dry out your structure and are trained to apply cleanup services that ensure structural integrity and prevent mold.  It means you know the work is being done correctly! To learn more about the principles of water mitigation & structural drying, click here.


Never overpay for water cleanup services!


At RestorationEze, our water extraction contractors all use Xactimate to price any work. It means the right price each and every time…here’s how it works:


Handling the water extraction process & your insurance claim


insurance-claim-formA common problem people can run into when they hire an emergency water removal company is that the insurance company balks at the cost. That shouldn’t happen but it does and the reasons can vary. In the most malicious instances, the restoration company over-charges for their work, meaning they do a lot of work that isn’t required knowing the total cost will go up. But in some instances, the adjuster might simply be looking for ways to bully you into paying for a portion of the work to keep their costs down. Don’t let this happen to you, call us before you call your adjuster!

If you aren’t sure if your loss is covered, this article has several different scenarios that help you get a sense for whether or not your loss is covered, but it’s important to note every policy is different so these scenarios may not apply to you!


How much does the water extraction & restoration service cost?


calculatorThe national average for a water mitigation costs is $2,700, with jobs ranging from a $200 to 6 and 7 figures depending on the size of the building effected. Here is a simple cost calculator you can use to try and get a better sense for the cost of your job, but please be aware that resource has a lot of limitations!

Just call us now for a completely free water removal estimate!


Baltimore water mitigation services done the right way!


As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. At the end of the day, the goal for any water extraction service job we’re sent to is to remove the moisture before mold growth happens. So while the path towards that goal may differ from job to job, the basic methods and phases of the job are pretty standard. To help new customers that have never needed professional water mitigation services understand what lies ahead of them, our marketing team made this video. If you have a minute, it might be a good idea to watch it so you know what type of services we perform and you’re prepared to ask us questions when you call!


Common water loss situations in homes


When you do this job for long enough, you start to see the same things over and over again in terms of the reasons for the flooding damage. While sometimes you’ll drive up and find something completely unexpected, for the most part the same systems break down repeatedly and result in a flooded home. The good news for you is that you can take some relatively simple (and inexpensive) steps to greatly lessen the odds you suffer from one of these failed systems in the future:


Supply lines are under immense pressure – check them often!


leak-toilet-supply-lineThe lines that supply water to any number of plumbing systems in your home are under a lot of pressure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Over time, that pressure wears on the supply lines and they can pop. When that happens, a massive amount of water can immediately be expelled throughout your home, flooding multiple levels and causes tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Whether it’s the lines to your sinks, your refrigerator’s ice maker, or to your toilets, it’s recommended you check them at least 2 times per year.


Pay special attention to your washing machine hoses!


No supply line is under more intense pressure than your washing machine hoses. One small crack or if the connection comes loose over time, and suddenly your knee deep in water. Do yourself a favor right now and go check to see what type of hoses you have. If they are rubber, go to your home improvement store and buy these:


Old water heaters!!!


water heater water damageWhen we drop three exclamations points, that means we’re yelling and jumping up and down and screaming. Why? Not only is an old water heater the culprit for many emergency water extraction jobs we’re sent on, but in most cases when you go to file your insurance claim your adjuster will come out, see what caused it and put a fat ‘DENIED’ stamp on your claim. Why? They take the stance that you should have known it was due to fail and that you should have replaced it a long time ago. In other words, your negligence as a homeowner caused the loss, not some accident they ensure against. Don’t let this happen to you because chances are you’ll end up having to pay for our Baltimore water removal services yourself!


If you need immediate water extraction service in the Baltimore area, including any of the following cities, please call now:

Middle River, Odenton, Pasadena, Towson, Parkville, Milford Mill, Essex, Kingsville, Perry Hall, Woodlawn, Pikesville, Edgemere, Hanover, Ferndale, Cockeysville, Arbetus, Elkridge, Owings Mills, Ellicott City, Ilchester, Jessup, Dundalk, Glen Burnie

Finding reliable Baltimore water extraction services can be difficult.  Imagine calling around to many contractors and not getting someone to answer.  Or imagine you’re waiting in several inches of water for a water damage restoration company that never shows.  Unfortunately, these things happen…but not with us!  If you need emergency water extraction and dry-out services, we’re your answer!

Whether you have a basement flood or some other water event requiring flood damage cleanup services, you can be assured that we have the ability to get your flooded property restored fast!  Each our Baltimore technicians is fully qualified to perform water extraction & dry out services, and each stands behind their work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re no happy, neither are we!

So if you have a residential or commercial property anywhere in the Baltimore MD area, please call us now and speak to one of our Baltimore water cleanup specialists.  We can have a full crew at your home of office within minutes to provide a free consultation & estimate and begin extracting any water and drying our your property immediately!

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