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When it comes to Denver flooding, no one is more prepared to help get your property fully restored than us. Our Denver water restoration crews are standing by 24/7 to help when you’ve faced a flood or sewer back-up emergency. As a full-service Denver water restoration company, our goal is to get your home or business clean, dry & back to normal as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. So if you need a restoration contractor you can trust, please give us a call today for a free estimate!


No need to call around – we respond immediately day or night!


If you’ve walked down into a flooded basement, then you simply can’t afford to wait around for a restoration company that can’t move quickly to mitigate your loss.  At RestorationEze, we offer 24/7 emergency restoration services that get you back to normal fast!

Call now for an immediate response – 60 minutes or less!


If you need a free quote, you’ve come to the right place!


We always offer free restoration estimates.  And not just an over the phone ballpark that isn’t worth anything to you…we actually send out a Denver flood cleanup technician to provide a complete on-site assessment and quote at no cost!

So call us now for a free estimate!


Need a water mitigation company you can trust?


What’s better than knowing the work will be done to your satisfaction?  Any water removal & drying service we offer is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  Not only that, but you’ll get a 1 year service warranty on the work!

Choose us and your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Have faith in our prices – they are insurance approved!


We take the biggest stress out of the process of finding the right estimate from a Denver restoration contractor by making sure you always get a price that is competitive and will never be rejected by your insurer.  How are we so confident in that?  Because our contractors all use the same estimating software…in fact, it’s the same software that your adjuster will use when assessing your water damage claim.  Here’s how it works:


How do we get the water damage repaired?


When people look at their home and see the destruction caused by flooding damage, sometimes they aren’t capable of seeing past the mess and envisioning their home back in its previous condition.  While the water damage can be extensive, the reality is that there is a process to get everything cleaned up and dry.  It’s a serious of steps that need to be taken, and once the process is broken down for people, they can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Watch the video below to see how our Denver water damage company gets you back on your feet!


We handle insurance repairs and do the claim work!


Before you call your insurer, call us.  There’s a couple of main reasons we say that:

bill-directFirst, your top priority should always be to lessen the damage to your home.  Insurers don’t repair water damage, only a restoration company does.  That means calling your insurer and waiting for a callback and claim costs you time and causes more damage to your property.  You don’t need a claim to begin work, that can always be dealt with once the water loss is contained and the process of getting your property fixed has begun.

Second, you want to be able to hire your own, independent, water damage restoration company.  Insurers often have handshake deals with local providers by which they will refer that company jobs so long as they charge the absolute minimum to repair the loss. We’re not sure about you, but we think it’s in a homeowner’s best interest to a) be able to choose a restoration contractor they trust and b) know that company is working on their behalf, not the insurance company’s.

As a certified emergency restoration service in Denver, we understand the process each insurance company takes to successfully complete water loss claims.  That means we can work hand in hand with your insurer from the beginning to make sure things are handled appropriately and that your home is returned to its previous condition without any issues popping up!


Water & Fire Damage Restoration FAQs


When should I consider filing an insurance claim?


If your loss is covered, you should always consider filing a claim. Unlike car insurance, rates for homeowners insurance are set based on areas, meaning your rates aren’t going to spike if you file a water damage claim assuming you haven’t filed excessive claims in the past.

You pay a hefty amount each month precisely for unexpected events like this, so it makes sense to call on the lifeline when you need it.

So what will be covered? That is impossible to say without reviewing your policy first, but generally a water damage loss has to pass 2 criteria in order to be covered by insurance:

Flooding Dishwasher1) the source of the water must be from within the home or office building – in other words, if the water source is from rain, snow melt flooding your basement, etc. then that is considered a flood event and would only be covered by FEMA flood insurance.

2) the event must be sudden, as opposed to occurring over time – what are some sudden events? A pipe bursting from freezing temperatures, a dishwasher overflowing, even a bathtub that has been left running by a child are considered sudden. On the other hand, a slow leak from a pipe or other situation that occurs over time is usually not covered. Why? Because insurers feel that is something that happened due to poor maintenance and upkeep, not by accident.


Can soaked items be dried out or will they need to be discarded?


injectidry wall dryingThere are a couple of things that go into determining whether or not portions of your home can be ‘saved’ by drying/cleaning or will need to be replaced. First, we have to determine the category of water damage and follow whatever protocols have been established for that loss. For instance, if you have a black water loss and the water is considered exceptionally dangerous, any porous surfaces that have been soaked (think carpets, drywall, etc.) must be replaced. But in other instances, where you have clean or gray water, we will do our best to salvage the existing areas.

One thing to keep in mind is that for us it’s better financially to dry what’s there. Some people assume the more we tear things out and start hauling stuff away the more money we make. That isn’t true. So purely from a financial standpoint, our hope is that we can mitigate water damage without having to replace too many items!


Should I hire the Denver water damage company my insurer refers me to?


First off, your insurer shouldn’t be making a referral to you. This was standard practice many years ago but over time has become unethical, if not illegal depending on what your insurer tells you. Why is that the case? We’ll try and explain:

Water damage companies are not all the sameWhat is your insurers motivation for referring you to a specific company? To make sure you get great service from a restoration company they trust? Or to make sure they pay as little as possible for the water damage claim? If you answered #2, you are correct. Much of water damage companies ‘marketing’ efforts are tied up in glad handing insurance adjusters. Whether it’s buying them meals, taking them out to sporting events, or any other ‘relationship building’ they can do, any under the table deals that are done have one agreement in common: the restoration company will significantly under-charge on claims in exchange for consistent referrals from the adjuster. In other words, when your insurer refers you to a specific company, their only reason for doing so is to make sure they pay as little as possible on your claim.

Ask yourself this question: Does that seem like a deal that has my best interest at heart? If you can honestly answer yes, then go ahead and go with the company they refer you to. But if you’re rightly concerned that arrangement doesn’t protect you, then maybe you would be wise to take charge of the hiring process (just like you would any other home improvement service you need) and find the right water damage restoration company in Denver that you feel will treat you right and not be under the mistaken belief that your insurer is the customer and not you!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Denver area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We even cleanup sewage damage!


Any water damage presents a serious problem.  But when it comes to sewage damage, you’re talking about a serious crisis.  We offer complete sewage cleanup services in Denver guaranteed to get your property clean & dry quickly!

Call now for immediate sewage removal service!


Can you help us with filing our insurance claim?


Of course!  One of our services is providing assistance during the claims process.  We work with you to help settle your claim quickly.  Because we deal with insurance companies every day, we know what they need to see and can provide everything they require!

In fact, we can even just bill them directly if you wish!

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